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American Hero Chris Kyle

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Published on: June 22, 2018

Initially, Amerian hero Chris Kyle wanted to be a bull rider in life, but ended up being a U.S. Navy SEAL Sniper. He was shipped out to Iraq and Afghanistan and experienced combat. He was the guy who would be watching over the U.S. Marines that were going into houses and trying to find information about terrorists they were trying to apprehend.

Chris was married to a woman named Taya Kyle and while he was in Iraq and Afghanistan, there was a particular terrorist who was also a sniper that was killing Marines and causing problems for U.S. troops.

So, they were given a mission to get this sniper, but that mission failed and the sniper ended up shooting one of Chris’s friends.

So, once again, they decided to go out and try to get him.

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During this mission, Chris and the U.S. troops were on a roof and he spotted where the enemy sniper was. Although this guy was extremely far away, Chris decided to take the shot to get him anyway. He took the shot and killed the enemy sniper.

The mission was accomplished, but not for the terrorists.

They surrounded the building that Chris and his men were in and began to fight them with everything they had. The Americans sent an Apache helicopter to help, but that was blown off course because of a huge sandstorm. However, the sandstorm ended up working to their advantage and Chris and his men were able to escape, but not without some difficulty.

The Humvees that they had requested to help them escape could get in under the cover of the sandstorm without getting shot or blown up, but Chris barely made it to the Humvee.

Chris later returned home and decided to help veterans who were disabled or troubled in some way. However, there was a mother who wanted Chris to help her son who was an ex-Marine and having some trouble in life. As Chris was helping disabled or troubled veterans, he said “yes” and brought his friend with him to take this ex-Marine to a gun range in Texas.

However, Eddie Ray Routh, the man Chris was trying to help, turned his pistol on Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield and killed them both.

It was a tragedy.

Many people came out to Chris’s funeral to honor him.

Chris Kyle was born on April 8th, 1974, and died on February 2nd, 2013.

He lived in Texas, had a wife and two kids, and still has more kills than any other sniper known in American sniper history.

They also made a movie about Chris’s life story called, “American Sniper.”

We can all learn from this man who had so much courage.

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