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American Militia 2.0: Just What Is A Well-Regulated Militia?

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Published on: September 16, 2020

We are commonly asked, what are the basics for constitutional Militia? In this article we will only hit the high points. We plan to publish an American Militia 2.0™ Field Handbook, with input from many existing militia groups from coast to coast. That handbook can be a starting place for any County Militia wishing to use it and customize it to their own needs.

We want to make it clear that American Militia 2.0™ is an historic project by TACTICAL CIVICS™ to restore America’s fundamental law enforcement institution, the Citizens’ Militia, by overcoming the stigma that the idea of militia has in the minds of most Americans. We will do this by educating Americans in constitutional, practical, and public relations principles. But TACTICAL CIVICS™ is not Militia; our mission extends far beyond restoring constitutional Militia.

Incidentally, TACTICAL CIVICS™ also extends far beyond our Grand Jury Awake™ briefing program to educate Americans in our authority, powers, and duties when serving on a County Grand Jury. Our mission takes an unprecedented step: we teach and facilitate your County Grand Jury and constitutional County Militia to work symbiotically for the first time in history.

Well-Regulated Means Just That

The word necessary only appears once in our highest law, in the predicate clause of the Second Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State…”. If anyone tells you that well regulated has nothing to do with being recognized and legitimized by some unit of the People in formal government, they are talking nonsense.

The first and most important requirement is being ‘well regulated’. It is the very definition of constitutional Militia, and there exists no other kind of true Militia in these united States.

The entire history of America’s colonial and post-revolutionary Militia demonstrates that every Militia in these sovereign States prior to Lincoln’s war, was a well regulated unit formed under the legitimizing authority of the local government of an American township, county, or colony. Thus, the Militia was legitimate; it had the approval and recognition of the community.

And here is a vital corollary that can put a hole in the drum of every group calling for de-funding ‘law enforcement’: the only law enforcement that We The People authorize in the U.S. Constitution is the Citizen Militia:

U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 15: “Militia, to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions”. 

Why did We The People refuse to include police, sheriffs, troopers, rangers, federal marshals, FBI, or any other ‘Law Enforcement Officer’ in our highest law? Because the Founding Fathers knew the long history of armed forces on government payrolls being corrupted by bosses in government, or in crime cartels. As is painfully obvious in the news, such corruption by ‘LEOs’, judges, prosecutors, and public defenders is still a major reminder of the sin nature of man.

Unorganized Militia is an Oxymoron

An oxymoron is a phrase in which the two words are opposites of one another. The fraudulent, self-refuting category, unorganized militia, is a classic oxymoron dreamed up by Congress. Supposedly enacted into ‘law’ in the Militia Act of 1903, it is presently found in the illegitimate Section 246 of Title 10 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.

But Congress lacks authority to take any such action. So that supposed ‘regulation’ has been no law since its inception. Listen to our 6-part podcast series called Who Killed America’s Militias? for a detailed historical survey of how, specifically, Congress and growing law enforcement and military industries have usurped and destroyed We The People’s law enforcement institution. As with the media, just because self-interested careerists keep saying that something is true, does not make it so:

Part 1: The Ancient Origins of Militia

Part 2: Roman Legions Return

Part 3: Posse Comitatus, NRA, Black Tom and Alphabet Agencies

Part 4: Lincoln’s Hijacking; the DOJ and FBI Create Themselves

Part 5: The Military-Industrial Complex Is Hatched

Part 6: Congress’ False Militia Eclipses the Real Thing

Congress, Thieving Again

The Founding Fathers were quite cognizant of European history, which is rife with crowned heads and oligarchs stealing the rights and authority of citizens. For this reason, prior to ratification of our Constitution, Americans returned to Grand Jury and Militia, the ancient institutions of the People themselves, dating back to 10th century England.

We The People only grant Congress the duty to maintain training standards for Militias of the several States. We The People demonstrably DO NOT grant authority to Congress to create, disband, disarm, or re-define Militia as it has done.

Any supposed federal ‘law’, no matter when it was supposedly enacted, that purports to create, disband, or re-define Militia is no law, and never was a law.

In the first place, Militia and Grand Jury predate our Constitution; in the second place, in the Constitution, We The People create Congress and circumscribe its authority to act. If we do not grant to Congress a particular legislative or regulatory function, then any exercise of such a function is felony crime by our servants.

Operational Militia Basics

If you are considering joining your area militia, excellent. We have developed the following operational basics from existing ‘militia’ groups; they are not exhaustive, but a good start. But the objective of our American Militia 2.0™ project at TACTICAL CIVICS™ is to clean up the extremely tarnished image of the very word ‘militia’ in the minds of most Americans. There is no simple, quick path to that objective. A critical mass of serious men among We The People must make it a high priority in life to do the law enforcement chores that belong to every citizen of the sovereign States of this Republic. Be advised that this first principle is the prerequisite to all the others; if you are not yet ‘well regulated’ and legitimized by your local community through its elected government, you are not a Militia in the American sense of that concept.

‘The Enemy’ Usually Does Not Apply

When your Militia unit is tasked by your County Grand Jury to execute a search or arrest warrant to bring the Grand Jury the evidence or witnesses it needs for its work on a case, or when your Militia unit becomes aware of an insurrection, mob violence, border incursion, or other action covered within your constitutional law enforcement and border defense duty, your target or targets are not ‘the enemy’. Most of the functions of Militia are not military; at this point in history, no one can seriously contend that we should do away with all military and trained, paid agents of ‘law enforcement’. They have training and resources that your Militia unit will not have, on its best days. So the biggest mental hurdle to overcome is this: the main functions of American Militia are to enforce the laws, end riots and insurrection, and defend our national borders and coasts from illegal alien or foreign operative incursions.

That is not war; you are not facing ‘opponents’, or ‘the enemy’. You are targeting criminals, period. So forget needing to dress just like military units in jungle or desert combat. But also forget about dressing like outlaws. Use your discretion, and be professional.

Is Yours a Constitutional Militia?

TACTICAL CIVICS™ has a model County Militia Ordinance, and a 2-page handout, a County Action Sequence to make sure that you begin on the right side of the Constitution.

As of this writing, all 50 state palaces are in high rebellion against the U.S. Constitution. We will never get constitutional Militia re-launched at the state level, so We The People have fallen back to our County governments to begin the rebuilding process in 3141 locations.

So, you must begin by having your County Militia Ordinance passed at a public meeting, sign up your initial officers, announce a first muster and briefing venue, and go from there. TACTICAL CIVICS™ will provide you all the model documents and sequence of actions.

If your militia unit has not or will not take this first step, it will never be constitutional Militia, and you can stop reading at this point. You will only be a vigilante unit, so your community and paid ‘law enforcement’ have no way to distinguish between your group and any other armed group in the streets.

Coordination With Paid Law Enforcement

Militia is the only constitutionally authorized law enforcement. But still, your community recognizes and pays the salaries and benefits of other law enforcement units. Unless one of those paid law enforcement organizations or members is the target of your Militia unit’s operation, you must coordinate your activities with them. Make sure that they have your back, and you have theirs.

The trickiest aspect of restoring the American Militia is re-establishing mutual recognition and respect between paid LEOs and Militia (our Constitution’s LEOs). Don’t make it more difficult to restore Militia by operating independently of the units whose salaries are paid by your fellow citizens. The lack of trust and support they show you will usually be reciprocal to the lack of trust and support you show them. Let’s begin building bridges, one county at a time, to end turf wars that allow criminals to loot and burn America while We The People and our paid servants fight among ourselves.

By the same token, it is high time that paid LEOs begin respecting the citizens who are not only their collective sovereign, but also their employer. Yes; the paid professionals have far better equipment and occasionally better training and organization. But We The People pay for all of it, so technically that is already our stuff, and should be used to support Militia operations.

In short: there should never be a turf battle about who does what in a county’s law enforcement. Given the size of the population now engaged in crime on the streets, there are plenty of operations to go around. Let’s support one another as we go forward; this is something that Trump can help raise awareness for, once we get on his radar. But no president can ever be in charge of law enforcement in this Republic. It is the jurisdiction of We The People in each State, as clearly stipulated in the Constitution.

Public Relations

Even after you get your County Ordinance passed, the more your unit looks like paid military or ‘law enforcement’ and the less you look like a rebel biker gang ready to rumble with Antifa or BLM goons, the better your political optics will be when media cover your operations.

Criminals, rioters, and illegal aliens will get their side of the story out, and they are always aided and abetted by compliant mass media. Your unit must have at least one competent PR voice to the community, or seek our help to provide you with talking points of American civics. The main objective of American Militia 2.0™ is to educate the public before and after any constitutional Militia operation, that militia is not what Americans have been led to believe – a lawless, ignorant bunch of vigilantes. Instead, we are the original, most important level of law enforcement in these United States.


Therefore, we must be sure to play by the rules ourselves. If your Militia unit deploys to “execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions” (see U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clause 15), you must be within your County, or you must have been formally requested to assist a constitutional Militia unit at the scene of the crime, uprising, or incursion.

You cannot simply assert, “I’m an American, so I can protect America!” because if you enter another state, county, or community without a request for aid from that community’s Militia, you are invading the jurisdiction of another county, an illegitimate action.

You may ask, but what if they don’t have a constitutional Militia yet? Having to face insurrection, looting, burning and other mayhem is precisely the kind of existential threat that we must allow to play out, so that the men of that victimized county will recognize their abdication of duty, and get their constitutional Militia organized.

If every militiaman thinks it is his business to ‘deploy’ un-asked, to anywhere in America, where does this bogus authority end? We are 50 sovereign States in a constitutional REPUBLIC, as explained in this article. The warranty language that We The People put in Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution is vital language and a critical precept of our rule of law.

In other words, no part of Nevada belongs to the People of Vermont, Rhode Island, Louisiana, or whatever. These united States are not a single centralized government; notice that whenever the Founding Fathers spoke of or wrote about the United States, they always used the plural (the United States are) and not the singular. ‘The United States is’, makes no grammatical sense.

In short: don’t go where you aren’t requested, or you are only adding to a growing condition of anarchy. Remember this in the days and weeks after November 4, 2020. Having self-control and a full-spectrum, long-term plan can guarantee that We The People win this war and finally put American Communism out of its misery for all the world to see.

Commit to Train

Ever since the issue first arose during our War for Independence, the most common complaints about American Militia are: 1) they can’t be depended on in a crunch, and 2) they don’t show up regularly for training. Whether your unit decides on monthly or bi-weekly training days, if you do not train – and demand that all members show up for training – you still have no Militia in your county.

Legal Help

Even if paid ‘law enforcement’ is genuinely friendly and on your side, we are very early in the process of retraining our paid servants to respect, honor, and support constitutional Militia, the ONLY law enforcement authorized by We The People in our Constitution. Thus, until Americans are far more aware of constitutional Militia, every member of your unit should have a card in his pocket with your lawyer’s number and should understand that he must not talk to police until your lawyer is present.

Medical Team

Do you have one? What provisions have you made for evacuating casualties? Does every member of your unit have a basic Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)? Has he been through your unit’s first aid training course? If you don’t have such a course for all new recruits, you must develop one. All family members will thank you.


How will your unit members arrive at an operation, and leave? Is transportation being left up to every unit member to drive there and park somewhere? Obviously, you must arrive in organized groups and leave that way as well. Members or vehicles should be in communication with each other, especially as they leave. Convoys are a tactical question, depending on the setting, duration, size of the operation and more.


Have you mapped your immediate area of operations, and does everyone have a map, with local medical centers, police station, and important features or overwatch points well-marked?

Have your unit’s officers performed basic intel to find out everything available about the criminals, rioters, or foreign insurgents in question? If available and appropriate, have you included observation posts for overwatch?

If your operation is to execute a search or arrest warrant requested by your Grand Jury, do you have all the target’s egress routes mapped, vehicle(s) identified, and a plan to secure all escape routes if the target attempts to escape?


Assuming that your unit is large enough to have organization — the equivalent of squads, platoons, and specialist teams – are they equipped with handheld radios, beyond mere cell phones, allowing swift communication to pass intel up, and orders down?


If your unit will be on site for many hours, what provisions have been made for food, drink, and toilet necessities? “Any of us can just walk to the nearest fast food restaurant” is a terrible plan, open to ambush. Have a protocol for escorted group visits to the nearest facility.

Creating Visual Records

What provisions has your Militia unit made to produce its own videos and photos of events? You will need them in case of legal challenges and they will be very useful for public relations follow-up and for future training.

Do not leave this fundamental item up to individuals. Be sure to have designated video and still image recorders in your Militia unit.

Article posted with permission from David Zuniga

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