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American Patriots Sought to Remove Communist Flag from Capitol Building

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Published on: April 6, 2015

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee posted the Communist Chinese flag between the American and state flag at the capitol building in Olympia in “honor” of his meeting with Cui Tiankai, the Chinese Ambassador, in which they were to discuss trade issues. However on Saturday, American patriots showed up to remove the flag.

The activists, who carried their own yellow Gadsden flags, made their way to the capitol and they were assisted by a trooper with the Washington State Police. The trooper observed as a state worker removed the flag.

As the trooper made sure the flag was being removed, one person in the video can be heard saying, “That’s an officer I can support.”

Though the officer has not been identified, one activist did say that he was an Oath Keeper.

Apparently no part of the flag code seemed to be violated in the display of the Chinese flag, but it does make me angry that it would be flown anywhere in America for any reason. After all, China has its own country it can fly it over all it wants.

The video was provided by Maria Bosworth. Anthony Bosworth also posted pictures from the event on Facebook and posted that Governor Inslee is a “liberal, communist loving Governor.”

According to Jaime Smith, Inslee’s director of media relations, it is merely protocol to fly the flag.

“The governor will often meet with dignitaries when they come to town,” she said. “It’s a matter of protocol to fly their home country’s flag during their visit. Our state’s Department of Enterprise Services was going to lower the flag shortly after that anyway.”

However, Rep. Elizabeth Scott (R) was not pleased at all with the display of the flag. She told PolitiStick, “I was not amused to see this flag flying over our state capitol, particularly when our governor just made a big show out of ‘shaming’ Indiana for joining 19 other states with legislation to protect freedom of conscience. So it’s okay to threaten a flower shop owner in our state with the loss of her house, business, etc., and we can mock other states for their attempts to protect freedom of conscience, but we’re totally fine flying the flag of a country that still throws people into prison camps because of their beliefs?”

Flying the Chinese flag on American soil is not an honor. It’s a dishonor to every American veteran who put on the uniform and fought the communists. It’s a dishonor to the people of Washington State as well.

I’m glad to see there were some people who got the word and stood up to do something about it. It’s also nice to see the peace officer stand alongside them in their endeavor.

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