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The American People Fire First Shot Across the Bow of DC Representatives

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Published on: January 20, 2015

On Saturday, I reported that members of AmericaAgain! were putting DC representatives on notice that they are being watched by their sovereigns and that, if need be, they will be held judicially accountable to the people if they are engaging in criminal activity. The campaign has been designed to get the attention of elected officials and of those that push what should be news, like Matt Drudge at, and get the message out that Americans can do something to turn the tide, instead of complaining and waiting for another election. Well, AmericaAgain! showed up as promised and delivered a message that America wants its representatives to hear, “You work for us!”

The “Good Guys Campaign,” as it has been dubbed, is being used to bring elected representatives back to Constitutional principles. It is offering them a chance to be onboard with the American people and to adhere to their oaths of office they took. Those that sign on will be put on the “good guys” list and those that don’t will be listed as “bad guys” and will be targeted for possible criminal indictment by the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine.

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Several AmericaAgain! members took time to go to their representatives offices to make them aware of the “Good Guys Campaign” and remind them that they are not above the law. Benjamin Falvo led the campaign in New York while Alex Stone took on his representative in California. AmericaAgain! Founder and CEO David Zuniga brought the message in San Antonio at the Alamo, as Bobby Black showed up in Austin, Texas.

There were four representatives who were addressed on Monday: Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Rep. Scott Peters (D-La Jolla, 52nd District) and Rep. Grace Ming (D-NY, 6th District).

Due to special circumstances, the team that was to address Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ, 2nd District) was not able to do so, but will be addressing the congressman this week. Kristy Coffey will lead her team to address his office on Thursday.

Each of the representatives received a package from AmericaAgain! with contents that can be seen here. They have 14 days to agree to meet with AmericaAgain! representatives (We The People) at their offices for a signing event of the public statement of agreement in principle.

Zuniga told Freedom Outpost that AmericaAgain! has picked up a good number of new members, had over one thousand views of their video and have received lots of good feedback.

“We are simply trying to create news,” Zuniga said. “We want to get our message out to America to let them know this is something they can do and be a part of to restore America.”

“No other effort in America has ever allowed a tiny remnant of the people, and the sovereign states at long last, to arrest corrupt federal government with a lawful, peaceful, practical, perpetual mechanism that can become a new way of life,” said Zuniga.  “Moreover, no other people on earth can do this.”

Zuniga gave a power speech at the Alamo on Monday recalling, “The over 200 men who gave their lives here at the Alamo had a dream, too, when they died behind these walls, besieged by the Mexican army. Today, Washington DC besieges us all; powerful men violate the U.S. Constitution like it doesn’t exist. America’s situation seems hopeless and grows worse each week.”

“The men who died at the Alamo were seeds falling to the ground, from which sprang up the great Republic of Texas,” he thundered. “Today, here in San Antonio and four other cities from New York to California, We The People — just regular, productive citizens like you and me — are launching a new way of life called AmericaAgain!”

He then put all his chips on the table stating, “The Good Guys will acknowledge publicly that Washington DC is wrecking our lives, sundering our liberty, and destroying our economy — and they will agree to stop doing it, or we will criminally indict them.”

“Our Constitution is the highest law in America,” Zuniga declared. “We The People now intend to start enforcing it.”

He eventually challenged his own Senator Ted Cruz, “Come and publicly sign the statement agreeing to join our AmericaAgain! Good Guys roster. As a lifetime scholar of the Constitution, Senator, you know that We The People are the highest level of American government. Beginning today, we intend to act like it.”

AmericaAgain! is hopeful that the news of their first “shot across the bow” will make headlines and that people will be interested in joining in the effort to do what many only complain about.

Many members are needed to accomplish the goals of AmericaAgain! this year. While some complained that Senator Ted Cruz was on the first list, they failed to understand that all DC representatives are being targeted with this campaign. These are just the first five. According to AmericaAgain! Chief Operating Officer and Director of Member Education Matthew Mida, the goal is to address every representative by the end of the year. Zuniga added that this will be taking place every last Saturday of the month. The next campaign will be on February 28.

How fast this will happen will be up to America. Those willing to stop complaining and waiting for the next round of elections are the only ones who need to apply. This work, like that of our forefathers in the Revolutionary War is not for those content to bellyache, but for those who are willing to be used to right the wrongs that have been done in our nation.

If you are interested in this historic endeavor, take time to check out AmericaAgain! and sign up to become a member and start taking back or country away from criminal politicians and bankster cartels. Also, pick up David’s book This Bloodless Liberty, which debunks 10 lies that government uses to transform its sovereigns into serfs and also shows how you can leave politics and join promote real self-government.

Below are pictures from each of the campaigns as provided by AmericaAgain!.

Ben Falvo new york

New York City, New York

San Diego, California


San Antonio, Texas


Austin, Texas

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