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Americans are Tired of the Left’s Hypocrisy

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Published on: June 26, 2018

The American people are getting sick and tired of the double-standards and hypocrisy from the left and their allies in the media.

Sick and tired.

The latest example comes to us from Lexington, Virginia, where Sarah Huckabee Sanders was attempting to enjoy a nice dinner with her family at a restaurant called The Red Hen. Instead, Sanders and her family were embarrassed by the owner of the restaurant and asked to leave without eating. Of course, the radical left immediately took to the Internet to cheer on The Red Hen for its act of “bravery.” However, these hateful leftists seem to miss the obvious irony of their support of The Red Hen.

If a Christian baker cannot refuse to bake a cake for a “gay wedding,” why should a leftwing restaurant owner be allowed to refuse service to a Republican, or any employee of the Trump administration?

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In a logical train of thought, the hypocrisy here would be obvious… sadly leftists aren’t logical.

Another obvious example is the way the media and the left have exploded over the idea that illegal immigrant families were being separated at the border. A “problem” that has been occurring for the last 20 years. In fact, the Obama administration separated far more families than the Trump administration has (though Obama had 8 years to do it, while Trump has only had 2). Where was the outrage during the Obama years?

Surfing through my social media feed I came across a few of my colleagues who perfectly covered this ongoing problem of hypocrisy on the left.

Conservative Steve Sherman:

The double standard is what’s so infuriating.

The same people who thought it was horrible that a baker can refuse service for a same sex wedding cake are now gleeful at Sarah Huckabee being refused service at a restaurant for working for Trump. The same people who rejoiced at Roseanne’s firing for saying stupid crap are silent when Peter Fonda says he wishes Barron Trump was locked in a cage with a pedophile and Fonda’s movie plows ahead. The same people furious over the child border policy totally ignore that it’s been policy since Bill Clinton was in office (2 Obama terms and 2 Bush terms) and the policy may have actually been keeping kids from being trafficked for the most part. FYI…there are 17 US embassies in Mexico you could legally seek asylum at and not risk the border crossing at all.

By the looks of my FB feed the hate Trump mob are looking more and more emotionally unhinged every day. I’m not sure they will survive his second term. I’m done. I’m sure I’ll be sorry for posting this. I’m sure half the restaurants in Iowa City won’t serve me now. Just over here SMH.

Journalist Benny Johnson:

ACTION: Christian baker cites religious beliefs -refuses to bake cake for LGBT wedding.

REACTION: The Left loses their collective minds, calls baker a “bigot” & “hate monger,” baker gets sued by homosexual couple all the way to the Supreme Court

ACTION: Sarah Sanders sits down for a private, quite evening at a small Restaurant with her family. The owner hears that she works for Trump, refuses them service & kicks them out. Sarah Sanders respects their wishes & gracefully walks out.

REACTION: The Left lionize the restaurant owner as a hero for standing up to fascism.

2020: The Left wonder why they just got 4 more years of Trump.

That last line from Johnson is spot on. I think many liberals will once again be shocked when the dust settles on the 2020 Presidential election, and they will scratch their heads and wonder ‘what in the world happened’? Those of us on the right will shake our heads, and point them back to the insanity of their everyday reactions and reporting in 2018. By ANY standard of measure our nation is doing quite well right now, and yet the media and their friends on the left act as if the ‘sky is falling’ each and every day.

This double-standard, this ugly hypocrisy, is killing the left right before our eyes.

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