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America’s Circus Sideshow Starring…

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Published on: June 11, 2015

He’s not courageous. He’s not being true to himself. He’s not a shining example of an underdog who had the guts to pursue his dream. He’s not the first of many brave souls who set aside old-fashioned cultural biases to become who he was really meant to be in the first place. No…Mr. Bruce Jenner is none of those things.

What is he, then? America’s newest freak show performer, that’s what.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

That sounds terrible, doesn’t it? I agree.

But before you get all nutty and start calling me a hate-filled, backwards, bigoted, transphobic Bible-thumper, let me state my case for your consideration…if that’s even possible.

First of all, who were the circus freaks of days gone by? There was little “Schlitzie” Surtees, The Last of the Aztecs. He was born with a condition called microcephaly, a developmental disorder that causes the skull and brain to be undersized. The result? A tiny head on a normal body and really hard to ignore. Cha-ching!

Then there was little General Tom Thumb who stopped growing at two feet tall. He was born with dwarfism and never made it past three feet tall in his old age. The result? A mature man trapped in a little boy’s body and really hard to ignore. Cha-ching!

Another famous “freak” was not technically a single person, but two people trapped in one body…or two people trapped in almost two bodies. Their names were Cheng and Eng Bunker, but they were famously known as simply The Siamese Twins. The result? Conjoined twin brothers who became remarkably comfortable in each other’s skin and really hard to ignore. Cha-ching!

These famous circus “freaks” were all born with undeniable physical abnormalities…but there were many others who made it into the spotlight because of their acute mental disorders…and others still who simply decided to “change” their appearance in order to make a buck.

So, how does Mr. Bruce Jenner fit into this picture?

I think he’s a combination of at least two of the three factors. Was he born with a physical deformity? Not that anyone could tell. Does he have an acute mental disorder? Many well-known psychiatrists would say he does, like Dr. John McHugh, former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital. Has Mr. Jenner gone through all of this simply to make a buck? I certainly hope not, though the bucks will most certainly flow with his new reality show.

Now that I’ve explained the circus freak comparison, I’d like to move on to the real culprit. The real hate-filled, backwards person/people in this sordid tale: The American People and their willing accomplice, the Media.

Their post-modern appetite for all things “expressive” delights in the freakish transformation of Mr. Bruce Jenner…regardless of the fact that the twisted reality he has embraced will probably lead to an early and certainly tragic death.

Their appetite for bending and ultimately re-defining reality in order to baptize their own human depravity and sexual sins forces them to applaud when a famous and very male athlete chooses to mutilate, enhance, and chemically alter his own air-brushed cross-dressing body in order to manifest his mental and emotional confusion.

Their hate-filled and visceral rejection of any semblance of a holy and righteous standard (e.g. the God of the Bible) requires them to salute the “bravery” of their fellow reality-rejecting self-idolizing brother who, by their own approval, will now spiral down into the depths of depression and confusion brought on by an attempt to disconnect from reality.

Mr. Bruce Jenner is indeed America’s newest circus sideshow performer, but not because I said so. He is exactly that because of the madness that is being embraced by a culture that will do anything…say anything…believe anything…and manifest anything that will make them feel better about rejecting the Holy Creator that they all know exists.

I care deeply about Mr. Bruce Jenner. Those who are applauding him and rewarding him are the haters running the circus that will make money off of his misfortune.

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