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How Would America’s Party Candidate Tom Hoefling Handle our Overblown Federal Government?

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Published on: October 19, 2016

There are many things that we could list that was wrong with our government. This is especially true of our federal government. Our federal government has left its original establishment and has grown into the god of our society. We can see this in the size of our tax bill and some of the things in our personal lives that they regulate.

So, as we look at a Christian option of presidential candidates, we must have a thoughtful and thoroughgoing answer to this that is not rooted in humanism. This is a hard thing, as most of us have not studied this issue enough to recognize when someone applies the scripture to the federal government.

Finally, it seems that someone has worked in that direction.

This was seen in Bill Evan’s interview of Tom Hoefling on the War Room. In answer to what would be the first thing Tom intended to do if he was elected to the White House he said.

Our federal government has grown far out of control; it has grown far outside of its constitutionally enumerate powers. There is a long list. . . I have a simple test. . . . A simple three step test which is easy to explain.

I would look at every law, every public policy. And the first question would be, is it moral? As revealed by the Word of God and our knowledge of simple right and wrong.

The second question would be, is it constitutional?

If it is not moral; throw it out.

If it is not moral or constitutional, forget it.

The last one being, is it necessary? If it is moral and constitutional does not mean that it is necessary. But if it is you would go ahead and implement that in the most efficient and the most noninvasive way that you possibly can.

That sounds simple, but if you put that simple test up against most of what our government is doing now, it doesn’t hold up.

So there is no doubt that this is what Hoefling is planning to do just that, we see that later he confirms that this is the only way to save our Republic.

How do you fix the debt problem? How do you fix spending? It’s simple. You get back to the enumerated powers in the Constitution of the United States.

This man may never see the White House as President of the United States, but we sure need someone there that thinks along these lines.

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