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America’s Road To Socialism, Part 2

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Published on: March 6, 2023

Remember, we have a representative government. That means that the government gets its power to govern from the people but when you see how the government operates today it is the exact opposite, they are telling us what we can do. What we have today is a government that has weaponized the FBI and Department of Justice to silence any and all its opposition.

Remember the school board meetings where concerned parents gathered to confront the board about the so-called reading material for our children in all grades?  On Monday, Garland sent a memo to the federal law enforcement agency directing it to coordinate with the nation’s 14,000 school districts. This action comes after the Biden administration received a plea from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) to protect schools from the “imminent threat” of parents sending “threatening letters and cyberbullying” school officials. The association considers such activities to be akin to “domestic terrorism.”

“As these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes,” wrote the NSBA.[1]  Since when is a concerned parent a domestic terrorist because they don’t want pornography shown to their eight-year-old? Biden instructed for this to happen because he wants no opposition to his agenda. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and all other dictators did the same thing.

Biden has attacked every facet of our lives. He cut off oil production and blamed the rising prices on Putin. He shut down coal mines, pulled most unused oil leases, shut down the XL pipeline, made Anwar off limits and now he’s running around the globe begging for higher oil production, America has enough oil to fuel every passenger car for 430 years, enough natural gas to provide electricity for 575 years, and enough coal to provide electricity for 430 years so why are be begging for oil from countries that hate us? Under Trump, we were energy independent for the first time in 70 years. Nothing has changed except the people in control are demanding control over you.

They are attempting to get to ‘zero emissions’ which for the next 100 plus years will be an impossibility. We don’t have the technology to do that. Even their electric cars depend on coal and natural gas to generate the electricity to charge their batteries. I think anybody that has an electric car should be forced to use solar and wind to charge their car. No portable generators either.

The governor of the once great state of California has banned any over-the-road trucks older than 2011.[2]  He’s also banned small engines which covers Lawn Equipment and Generators: The engines are used in “lawn and garden, industrial, logging, airport ground support, and commercial utility equipment, golf carts, and specialty vehicles,” according to the board. The new law follows a 2020 executive order from Newsom that bans the sale of gas-powered cars and trucks by 2035 and called for “100 percent zero-emission off-road vehicles and equipment.” Regulators in California also approved a new rule last year to require all commercial trucks and delivery vehicles sold in the state to be zero emissions by 2045.[3]

I’m sorry but this is not representative government. This is a dictatorial, communistic government. Demanding all-electric cars and trucks sounds nice but if you can’t afford gas for your internal combustion automobile how are you going to afford a $65,000 electric car? Our electrical grids have a hard time handling the loads they have now. What are going to do when we add 100 million electric cars? It won’t be emission-free as this uneducated fool thinks. France has acres and acres of electric cars that are useless once the batteries wear out. The batteries cost more than the car. We can’t mine enough of the lithium and cobalt and the other minerals needed for the batteries. Plus, each battery takes four barrels of the oil they want to stop pumping.

We have a supply chain problem now and then Newsome cuts 60% of the available trucks to move goods to market. I could understand it if there was a technology in the wings we could just plug in to keep things going, but there isn’t any. And in our representative government, we the people have the right to say whether this is the route we want to take. As with our natural resources, oil, natural gas, and coal, those resources belong to the citizens of the United States not to the federal government or a political party. If we want access to then the government has no choice but to give us access.

Our Department of Justice is no longer a Department of Justice. Democrats are immune to the law but republicans/conservatives must obey. Reminds me of Hitler’s administration. When the protestors over the Roe v Wade decision protested around the conservative justices’ homes, which was illegal, there was not one single arrest. But we have seen swat teams raid a pro-life person’s home and arrest him in front of his wife and kids for praying on a public sidewalk, which is legal. For the nearly three decades since FACE was enacted in 1994, it has rarely been used to prosecute life advocates. Yet in 2022 alone, under the Biden/Garland DOJ, there have been at least 22 peaceful pro-life activists indicted under the act — with the first case involving pro-life advocate Mark Houck, whose family was raided after an altercation at a Philadelphia abortion business last year where he accidentally pushed down a man who was verbally accosting his 12-year-old son.[4]

There have been over 160 pregnancy centers that have been attacked, vandalized, burned, and defaced but there has yet to be a single arrest of the perpetrators of this violence. Democrat double standard is in full swing. There is example after example of pro-life advocates being attacked and beaten. Even a pro-life candidate’s home in North Carolina was shot at barely missing his children: A bullet almost hit the children of a North Carolina pro-life candidate while they were sleeping last month in what many believe was an act of political violence.

The Post Millennial reports the FBI is investigating the shot that was fired into the home of U.S. Congressional candidate Pat Harrigan’s parents in October. Harrigan, a pro-life Republican, is running against pro-abortion Democrat Jeff Jackson.

According to WBT News, someone shot a bullet into Harrigan’s parents’ home late in the evening Oct. 18, and the bullet lodged into a wall about 20 feet from where his 3- and 5-year-old daughters were sleeping. He was not there at the time.

“To know that two small girls were sleeping mere feet from where a bullet would land is sickening. We condemn this and all other acts of violence,” MeckGOP Chairwoman Sarah Reidy-Jones responded in a statement this week. “… To cowardly shoot into the home of a parent of a candidate shows the lowest level of humanity.”

Harrigan and his campaign said he has been receiving death threats and has been wearing a bulletproof vest to campaign events, according to the report.[5]

Our Constitution has become a side thought with the Democrat Party. It can’t be more obvious. Reagan stated that the government gets its power for the people and WE tell them what to do. They no longer follow that rule. Thomas Jefferson stated; The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. I, under no circumstance, wish to resort to violence to get the government to return to what it is supposed to be but I won’t back down if it does come to that. Evil will not give up the power they have stolen easily but for the sake of our kids, it must be taken from them.

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