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Why are Ammon & Ryan Bundy Being Continually Held in Seattle More Than 2 Weeks After Their Acquittal?

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Published on: November 10, 2016

Reports are that Ammon and Ryan Bundy are still being held in a SEATAC facility near Seattle, Washington more than two weeks after the two brothers were acquitted on all charges in their protest at the Malheur Wildlife Reserve in Oregon back in December 2015-January 2016. The question is, why have they not been moved down to Nevada to face charges there from the 2014 Bundy Ranch Standoff?

Deb Jordan with The Pete Santilli Show posted on November 8 to her Facebook page, “Ammon and Ryan Bundy are still being held in the SEATAC Facility near Seattle in Washington State with phone privilege scarce and little to no contact with their Nevada Attorneys.”

“Nevada defendants who have been in jail in Nevada since February and March say, having their trials put on hold while things were moving in Oregon was grueling enough, and now with only 90 days to go before trial, having the Government pull a stunt like this is beyond frustrating,” she continued. “Judge Gloria Navarro has yet to hold a single hearing relating to the structure of this trial and nobody knows who will even be in the first group to go before a jury.”

While attorneys in Nevada were not too concerned with the move towards Seattle, the question is why would the central government hold them there for two weeks rather than send them directly to Nevada to speak with their attorneys? In fact, why move them anywhere at all if their next destination should be Nevada?

“The unexplained detention in Washington leads to speculation that the Government is purposefully frustrating the process to cool the momentum of the win in Portland before the Bundy’s join their co-defendants in Nevada,” Jordan said. “It has been noted by those being held in Nevada saying, this is a gross miscarriage of everyone’s rights to a fair and just trial and that it is now effecting everyone’s ability to work on their cases.”

Jordan also said that several lawyers had speculated that Oregon prosecutors are attempting to stage a second round of charges against the Bundys. This is not that hard to believe considering the injustices the Dwight and Steven Hammond faced after they served their time and were thrown back into prison for a total of five years for doing the exact same thing the Bureau of Land Management does all the time.

“Others say the delay gives the Government more time to work on the Nevada case and will throw the very “effective Bundy duo” to the 2nd round trial in Nevada giving Prosecutors a better shot at a win,” Jordan added.

Lisa Bundy confirmed all efforts to reach out to the United States Marshal Service has failed,” Jordan said. “The man who called her to let her know that Ammon and Ryan were okay and being treated well, has since been punished for contacting her, and that she no longer has any way to know what is happening with her husband.”

Jordan spoke to Freedom Outpost via phone on Thursday evening to confirm that they had not been moved to Nevada yet and they didn’t know exactly where they were as the ability to communicate directly with them now seems to have been hampered.

However, as always, you can make a difference. Below is those you can contact and demand that they ensure a safe and quick transport of these men to Nevada to face the charges that are against them.

You can call the United States Marshal Service –

Deputy Director: David Harlow

Chief of Staff – Office of the Director S. Edwards 202-307-9100

Acting Chief – Office of District Affairs J. Cunfer 202-307-9100



Email: SET/
Phone: 206-870-5700
Fax: 206-870-5717

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