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An Uncomfortable Truth About American Education & Sex

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Published on: March 2, 2019

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, it’s a new month. Spring isn’t too far away. That means the subject of reproduction may be surfacing in schools across the nation. Join me for an in-depth look at the not so wonderful transformation happening across our nation.

Educrats believe it’s their place to teach your children about sex. We’ve seen the overreaches of many CCSS Machine groups indoctrinate (or try to), not only public schools, but every school-related group possible, with their brand of sexual beliefs and practices.

Like the picture, the CCSS way of ‘teaching’ sex, is too much information, at too young an age.


What modern education reformed school-led sex ed does, is remove the parental authority, nurture, and guidance in one of the MOST delicate topics known to us. It also distorts what was meant for goodness and delight.

**Of all the parental rights, privileges, and God-given blessings, the CCSS Machine has ruined, this is the lowest.

Another thing the modern education reform has done is rework sex education into sexuality education.

Sex education was and is, the study of male and female bodies, their interactions or the act of sex itself, and related topics.

Sexuality education is centered on feelings about sex, but not necessarily the act itself. Sexuality education also focuses on preferences.

owever, since the sexuality education is starting before children can understand what sex is, how is this helpful later in life?

By doing this, it’s become known as CSE, Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

CSE puts feelings, massive confusion, and indoctrination before our kids can know what’s going on.

**Parents, we must know what our kids are being faced within schools, in our communities, our churches, our doctors’ offices, and EVERYWHERE else.

**If we’re seeing kids get sexuality education, we MUST work with them to clear the confusion, blow away the fallacies, and arm them with truth.

**A fellow Warrior (Dr. Z.) has created a vital Facebook group to help arm parents about teachers and faculty who are inappropriate and must be exposed.

**If you’d like to learn how you can help protect your children against pedophiles (in and out of school) , check out the Protecting Innocence Campaign. Based in OH, this group has a national audience.

Another Warrior, from MT, has shared that their Senate Bill 132 has been written so that on the surface it appears to protect school children from assault. However, after reading this Bill, it looks as if several gray areas are left open where children are not protected.

The fact that U.S. Sec. of Education Betsy DeVos has recently re-worked Title 9 and any built in protections previously offered have been re-adjusted so that the burden in on the victim, not the attacker. This is applicable for ALL States!

Below is a screen shot I’ve provided so you can connect some dots between the MT law and Title 9. Use these for your State, too. (right click and open in another window)


Does CSE Fit Into The (United Nations) UN’s Agenda?


How? In a nutshell, CSE is hidden in ‘health education.

Most recently, in ‘reproductive health’ education, legislation, and anywhere else we can hear, see, and witness.

Again, this type of shift isn’t reserved simply for public school children, but ALL children. Why? To comply with the march towards Agenda 2030 by way of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Since sex is supposed to be built on family morals, look at how the UN feels morals are gained:

So, What do the SDGs have to ‘say’ about sexuality education?

Let’s begin here:

(If you want to see the parts NOT in this screen shot, go here.)

To learn more about Concept Foundation, visit their website (and notice the WHO, World Health Organization is a key component. International Planned Parenthood is also a key member, look in ‘news’).

In January 2018, the UN announced even more progressive CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Education) guidelines. Which is why we’ve seen an increase in America for CSEin K-12th grades, community-wide access, and, in our health care system.

Not just an accidental coincidence, ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) increased power for health care via the U.S. Dept. of Health/Human Services. ESSA also increased what’s known as SELSocial Emotional LearningSEL is a huge part of sexuality education.

To access the 139 Pages of the UN’s new Comprehensive Sexuality Education Guidelines, download from their digital site.
*Bonus Resource: from 2017, a speech concerning the need for CSE in the SDGs.

So How Is American Education Involved in CSE?

For starters, Warriors, we are a member state of the UN. We have embraced and embedded their SDGs lock, stock, and barrel in our communities, schools, libraries, churches, and even our homes. We have embraced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math), a UN SDGs tool as a god to be worshiped for our jobs, economy, education, and future. We also have previous and present Administrations which have signed on to sister groups, related groups, and partner groups of the UN to carry out the SDGs.

More recently, it was our President who followed U.S. Sec. of Education, DeVos’s trip to the G20 Summit in South America and basically signed our entire nation up for adhering to the SDGs and all that comes with them. Warriors, I urge you to take the time to read that embedded article (“basically signed”). It has powerful truth few others reported.

As far as the push for Comprehensive Sexuality Ed in America, it’s been a growing issue since we were saddled with the Common Core State Standards, but since about 2014, has become a ‘fresh hell’ of a nightmare for families across the nation. Look at this 2014 job announcement for what appears to be American based. It’s for a JPO in CSE, or a Junior Professional Officer in Comprehensive Sexuality Education :

(original source)

To see a collection of American CSE curriculum and resources, visit the StopCSE.orgwebsite. They warn you that explicit material can be viewed there.

Is Our Congress Helping Sexuality Beat Out Sex Ed?

Yes, in 2018, I exposed HR 3602 which was called the Real Education for Health Youth Act. However, if you read the Bill, it’s amazing it was even printed. HR 3602 also had a twin sister Bill in the Senate, S 1653. Basically, these bills rubber stamped the sexuality (feelings) agenda from the UN right down to the restriction that if anyone was taught something that wasn’t sexuality tolerant, there’d be problems. In that article, you’ll also find the International Planned Parenthood.

From just a few days ago, I exposed S 116, the MOMS Act, it’s all about reproductive health care. It’s also all about helping set up a data tracking system for all things related to reproductive health. A main target of the MOMS Act? School aged girls who become pregnant or become moms. Take the time to read this article, Warriors, you’ll see lots of connections to the UN, Congress, ESSA, and more.

Some Awful Unintended Truth:

Warriors, because of all the feelings being exploited, it’s not a far stretch to see how pedophilia can become part of CSE. I’ve had a very concerned parent share this news with me in the hopes you can save your children.
Is it increasing because it’s so permeated our society? Who knows, but the awful truth is what is being taught isn’t helping at all.

Helping confuse us on sexuality is one of the (World Health Organization) WHO’s most valued partners, the Guttmacher Institute.


If you know a history of sexuality studies in America, you’ll easily recognize Dr. Alfred Kinsey.

Kinsey was a twisted pedophile who abused children in his ‘research’, yet, because of his ties to some big money (which later on help fund the CCSS Machine); his work was accepted as the ‘gospel of sexuality’. Every sex-based book or sexuality book since Kinsey’s day is still based off ill gotten information. Guttmacher was Kinsey’s partner!

Yet, Guttmacher’s organization is a ‘trusted’ UN partner!

How about sexuality showing up in assessments? It’s happening in real time. Another concerned parent has shared that the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English)issued a statement on ‘gender and language’. From 2018, see below:

(Original source)

As far as the passage about assessments, here’s the excerpt:

“Note that while a rising number of major print-language authorities such as those noted in section I now embrace the use of the singular pronoun they, makers of most standardized tests have not yet adopted this policy. Track the treatment of the singular they in the standardized tests your students may be taking and apprise students accordingly, contextualizing differences among language authorities in a larger, ongoing discussion of language and usage as dynamic and evolving, not absolute or static.”

(*Note, you’ll find this in Section 2, last bullet point.)

Warriors, since most parents cannot see these assessments, we must ask, what related such activities are taking place? How will we be able to help protect our children when we continually left out?

A Few Loose, But, Related Resources:

Q: Warriors, since the SDGs are using STEM as its tool of most destruction in American education, how does STEM tie to sexuality education? The main way it’s used is to target women and girls for STEM education/jobs/life. This is a play directly out of the SDG Toolkitas well as meeting SDG#5 (gender equality).

Modern-day rhetoric says there are more than 2 genders.  So how does that weigh in as far as STEM?  A study has been conducted on this very topic.

To see the NIH (National Institutes for Health) partnership with the UN on HIV/AIDS, visit here. The Director’s Blog link.

If you’re not sure how the NIH ties to the CCSS Machine or to the overreaches into our health with programs like BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Authority), by the way, which attaches to SEL, read my original article here and the follow up here.

Other ways STEM is woven into America and connected to all:

1) Sexuality education is tied to SEL, see how SEL is manipulated in ESSA (2018) for ‘universal’ screening. (means all children, regardless of ‘choice’.) If you’d like to learn the many goals of SEL, also woven into ESSA, read this article.

Below: a 2019 publication on STEM and sexuality in education. Not necessarily in lesson plans, but overall.

2) STEM in after school clubs?

From 2017, this one exposed the Satanic Clubs/UN use of STEM for all afterschool age children. (*Note: a most disturbing video describing the clubs is embedded.)

3) STEM in VBS (Vacation Bible Schools): From 2016, a VA church unabashedly supportedSTEM for their VBS.

4) In 2018, I gave you some hard-hitting questions about the collusion between churches and STEM and/or the UN.

5) The STEM/UN grab for private education and homeschooling (not to leave out other educational choices, but it’s already deeply embedded there):

6) How sex (via gender)  will be used in funding the SDGs in the near future.


Look at your State’s CSE, what are they ‘teaching’? Who’s leading it? What groups are funding it? Is the UN involved in it, in your backyard? If you’ve not seen the “Children’s Story” by James Clavell, I urge you to see it. Be sure you read the comments for the plot summary.

Remember, every bit of what’s above, is embedded somehow and from many different angles in the ESSA.


Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

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