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An Update On What US Military Is Doing To Our Vets Because Of CONvid-1984

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Published on: June 23, 2022

LCpl Marine Catherine Arnett in Japan and Air Force Captain Ben Davis in Arkansas join me for an update on how the US military has unlawfully treated them, and in an irony claims they are just doing their job in providing lawful orders that they both receive the unsafe and ineffective COVID shots. Both have stood their ground. Captain Davis is still active duty while Arnett is facing a Court Martial in August. They join me for an update from the previous interviews we conducted with them.

Should you with to support them in their efforts, you may contact Catherine at catherine.ma16ATgmailDOTcom and Ben at directorbenjamindavisATprotonmailDOTcom.

Articles, links, videos and bonus videos mentioned in this episode.

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