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How Anger Deludes Your Thinking – A Call for Voter Introspection in Wake of US Wickedness

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Published on: March 21, 2016

“Knowledge puffs up; but love builds up” (1 Corinthians 8:1).

Nowadays, everybody has their favorite candidate or issue that they protect more than they ought. Enemies of good have attacked and divided America on many fronts and with many lies – ushering in same-sex marriage and abortion; preoccupying Americans with sex, food, vice and entertainment; brainwashing American children while parents work; promoting feminism and the lie of “racism”; changing America with illegal aliens, refugees and immigrants primed for socialism; targeting the scarecrow of “Islamophobia”; leaving Americans open to terrorism; and rarely acknowledging Islamic violence. People spend a lifetime battling these issues. Some get so wrapped up in their issue that they get a false sense of identity and purpose from it. Well-meaning people come up with solutions to the symptoms, thinking they’re solving the problem – but some symptoms require immediate attention.

My friend, Ann Coulter, points out in her book “Adios America,” that every issue that is important to you – from abortion and same-sex marriage, to terrorism and the economy – has been made worse by immigration, the changing of the electorate. And she is right. If we do not stop and turn around illegal immigration, and get smart about whom we allow into the country, we can kiss America and freedom goodbye. America’s poorer communities, especially blacks, have suffered the brunt of the corruption of illegal immigration for decades. The government has pretended to solve black suffering with welfare and unemployment payments, but in so doing, the government has only encouraged the immorality of the illegals and blacks.

The white nationalists point out that the Jews control the media, the government and influential people who promote “diversity,” globalism, open borders, amnesty (and corrupt Hollywood values) – rather than American rule of law, morality and sovereignty. And they are right: Christianity and white civilization are under attack in this country and around the world. But the white nationalists go wrong in blame, resentment and jealousy of the Jews, who are simply better at rising to power than they. If whites were not cowards, or driven insane by useless knowledge, they would see and act in smart ways to protect their children and country, and defeat anti-Christian, anti-American influences. Many whites will vote for Donald Trump, who rejects political correctness, but many are hung up on the fact Trump has Jews in his family and says he loves Israel. In reality, we should learn from the way Israel defends herself (more and more terror attacks are coming here) and be glad we have helped her over the decades. Israel, too, is struggling with corrupt, anti-Israeli influences.

I have long fought for men to stand up and be men again. If men were not weak, we would not have allowed the country to decline in the way it has. Even if we kick out all of the illegals, bring in a strong leader like Trump or a constitutional whiz like Ted Cruz, we are responsible for our own repentance, leading our families and protecting our country. Most men – even Christians – are led by their wives and not by God; they are nice, dumb and powerless rather than loving, wise and courageous. A president can set the tone in America. (Look at how Obama has put blind people under a spell in believing “racism” exists; imagine how a non-politically correct Trump presidency may embolden good people to tell the truth to liars.) But good people do not accept corruption from bad leaders. Sooner or later, we have to stop blaming politicians and “other” voters for the wickedness in our country and check ourselves.

How many of us were fooled by an evil man like Mitt Romney some years ago (who buys into the leftist lie of “racism” and uses it as a weapon against white men)? How many of us voted ineffective tea-party leaders into office and watched as they’ve done little to make a dent in America’s destruction? Even good, “unintimidated” governors like Scott Walker proved ineffective and unready on the national stage.

Now we have voters getting upset and defensive when “their” candidate is attacked. You should not take ownership of, or identify with, another human being, issue or thing of this world such that you get mad when your “baby” comes under criticism or lies. Cruz and Trump are grown men who can defend themselves. Your anger and desperation will not convince people to vote for them, and your ungodly spirit will not make the country or your family better off.

As a bold conservative, I have many friends in the “Never Trump” crowd. I am in the “no-one-else-but-Trump” crowd, as much as I have liked and appreciated Cruz in recent years – more so his father. I am able to be friends with the anti-Trump people, challenge them, disagree and come away friends, still able to work together for a return to morality and freedom. I recommend you not let anything be so important that you take it personally or turn away from other good people who disagree with you on an issue.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

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