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Anjem Choudary’s Inflammatory Comments Against Pamela Geller Demonstrate Why Islam is Not a Religion of Peace

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Published on: May 7, 2015

I know that many may grow weary of the writing of events that took place on Sunday evening in Garland, Texas. Rest assured, that will not be the last you hear of Islamic jihad attacks on US soil. In fact, according to a fatwa put out on Pamela Geller and the words of UK Islamic imam Anjem Choudary, there is no doubt there is more to come, but we aren’t backing down nor are we fearful. We simply have our eyes open.

Sean Hannity hosted Choudary and Geller on his show on Wednesday and what the man said is absolutely appalling. He not only told Pamela Geller that referring to her as a “khanzeer” (pig – the same term Muhammed used to describe hundreds of Jews before he beheaded them) was “too good for” her, but sided with the jihadists in calling for her death.

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Anjem has been behind many Islamic terrorists throughout the world. Many have been taught in his own mosque in the UK and yet, people like David Cameron cover for him and those of his ilk. He has also called for the worldwide implementation of Shariah.

While Anjem claims to stand behind the death penalty for those who insult Islam, he slithers his way through the grass by not openly endorsing the jihadists in Texas, but rather when called on it says that Geller should be brought before a Shariah court, tried and if found guilty, executed. But make no mistake, he supports the jihadists that tried to kill her just like he does those in the Middle East who are murdering Christians, Muslims and non-Muslims.

He also calls for the lawful execution of those who engage in sodomy publicly. Frankly, Neither the Bible nor our forefathers (I’m speaking of those before the Constitutional era) would have had a problem with that. After all, they are committing a crime.

However, it is the issue of free speech that Choudary has an issue with. No one that I can think of, whether they are Christian or any other religion, have resorted to violence in modern times for people doing things in which people draw things to make political statements. Yet, Islam is held captive by a demonically influenced pedophile’s teachings that keep them in the sand age.

Geller pointed out that Islamists and the useful idiots in the media have said the cartoons at her event were “controversial.”

“Excuse me?” Geller replied. “Murdering cartoonists is controversial!”

While the Islamic State claims to have trained over seventy “lions,” which I call “cubs,” they forget that there are literally tens of millions of Americans who are armed and trained and duty bound to take them down should they show their cowardly faces. This was aptly demonstrated in Texas on Sunday evening.

The Islamic State has put a hit out on Pamela Geller, but that has not deterred her. The so-called “conservatives” like Laura Ingraham have punched her in the face, as well as the state-controlled media.

A couple of the things that stand out about what Geller has done and Choudary’s reaction that should be noted and credited to her account.

First, Choudary acknowledges that she should be killed, not for insulting Muhammad, but for hosting an event in which drawings of Muhammad were on display. “Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck,” he said. “We’re talking about people who deliberately had a competition to insult the messenger Muhammad.”

Frankly, they weren’t insulting him. They were being truthful about the character and nature of the man. Furthermore, Choudary went on to claim that if people insulted Jesus, he would feel the same way. Yet, he rejects the claims of Christ Jesus as God manifested in the flesh (John 5:18; Php. 2:6)! How much more insulting can you be? By his own words, he condemns himself and the whole of the anti-Christ religion known as Islam.

Though he claimed to stand against a parade that simulated Jesus as a sodomite, there has never been, to my knowledge, an attack on anyone by Muslim jihadists for insulting Christ.

Second, Choudary affirms what we have been saying all along and that is the media is lying to you about Islam being a religion of peace. Again, though he never said that the jihadists were right in how they carried out their attack (something he has affirmed previously, just like Muhammad), he did state that he was all for the death penalty for Geller.

Third, Choudary demonstrated that Islamists do not know how to control their anger, something that the Bible teaches that we should do, but rather they take matters into their own hands to murder others.

Fourth, Choudary tries to claim that Shariah is the “divine law.” No, it is supplanting the divine law given to men in the Scriptures. Shariah is a demonically twisted version of the divine law, period.

Fifth, Choudary is a coward. While he praises those who carry out these attacks and justifies them in the name of Muhammad and Islam, he is unwilling to go do it himself. Followers of Choudary and other followers of Islam, does it ever occur to you that your leaders are so willing to sacrifice your life, but not their own? That should cause you to stop and think about what they are telling you.

Geller, though, not only condemned Islam and Choudary for its bigotry and violence, but also Barack Obama. She reached out to the FBI for security due to the nature of the Islamic State’s threat being an Islamic terror in nature. She has not received any help from the Muslim sympathizing administration. No surprise there.

While I do not believe in all of the separation of laws as Geller pointed out, I do believe that the law of God was given for all men (thus, why all men everywhere should repent (Acts 17:30) (stop sinning against God by breaking His law)). Some elements of that law have been completely fulfilled in the person, life and work of the Lord Jesus, just as He described in the gospels (Luke 24:44-45), while other elements are for use in the Church (Matt. 18) and civil government (Rom. 13:5; 1 Tim. 1:9-10).

Choudary and those that follow the teachings of Islam must be dealt with. Christ has given us the weapons, which are not carnal to deal with them, but He has also advised us with regards to the carnal weapons that we must arm ourselves with defensively if these Islamic devils continue on their path of jihad.

Let us pray that God protects Ms. Geller and gives her courage in the future, and finally I hope that she too will come to see Jesus as the Messiah.

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