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Another Current Obama Official Caught in an Illegal Email Scandal

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Published on: February 3, 2016

It seems as if Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah‘s choices of Secretary of State are as criminal as he is. We’ve been inundated with the news of the criminal activities of one Hillary Rodham Clinton and her illegal private email server that has put lives at risk, but now news is surfacing of Obama’s current Secretary of State’s criminal activities. Apparently, Secretary of State John Kerry has used a private email account to send emails to both Clinton and a former national security advisor.

The Associated Press reports:

Spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday that Kerry, then a Democratic senator from Massachusetts, used a “non-official account” to send a May 19, 2011, message to Clinton and then-national security adviser Tom Donilon. Portions of the message were classified as “secret” last week and censored when it was released along with about another 1,000 of Clinton’s emails. Kirby said the account that Kerry used to send the email from his iPad while he was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is no longer active.

The message in question refers to developments between India, Pakistan and Afghanistan at the time.

The Horn News adds:

The non-redacted portions of the message in question refer to developments in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Several hours after Kerry sent the email, Clinton forwarded it to a staffer with the instructions “pls print.”

Another email from 2012 was classified as “confidential.” Kirby could not immediately say if that message was sent from Kerry’s non-official account.

There was no indication that the information in Kerry’s email was considered classified at the time, but it’s another embarrassment for an Obama Administration that has repeatedly faced questions about its ability to protect national secrets.

Though Mr. Kirby claims that the account that Kerry used on his iPad to send the emails is no longer active, I suppose that makes everyone think everything is just fine, right? Forget the fact that it is a crime for him to engage in this activity in the first place, right?

These are lawless people, who simply will not obey the law that is supposed to bind them and keep them in check. Furthermore, it appears that there is no one in Washington that is interested in bringing justice upon these people’s heads except the deliver the information for mere political gain. Shame on them, as much as Kerry, Obama and Clinton should be shamed!

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