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Another “Fact Checker” Demanding You Ask For Their Accreditation

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Published on: November 16, 2018

“Media manipulation in the U.S. today is more efficient than it was in Nazi Germany, because here we have the pretense that we are getting all the information we want. That misconception prevents people from even looking for the truth.” –Mark Miller

Recently, I received an email from another outlet out of New York claiming to be a “fact checker” that claimed that they were looking for transparency from my site called NewsGuard. The email did in fact come across more like a demand letter than a letter requesting information.

It is important for you to know before going any further, that NewsGuard’s original founder did business with the likes of Nazi collaborator George Soros back in the 1990s. If Newsguard was interested in transparency then why didn’t they start telling us their political affiliations before requesting information especially as a Fact Checking organization? They seemed to overlook some important facts.
NewsArmor, a site established to combat NewsGuard, reports on their About Us page:

With the new war cry of “fake news” many organizations, including social media giants and tech companies, are wielding the weapon of fact checkers and reviewers in order to bring down the press standing in opposition to their left-leaning biases. New organizations are emerging from the woodworks, with millions of dollars in backing, in order to combat conservative media.

In an article reported by NewsArmor titled “Investor Has Partnered with George Soros on Several Occasions,” they point out:

“NewsGuard is the latest group of censoring, fact-checking, bias pontificating hypocrites to come down the pike. Many believe this group will save the people from their own ability to discern truth from error, all while touting that they are the beacons of truth and the determiners of who is transparent. But, over and over, as I have researched NewsGuard, I see bias and ties … and yes, George Soros.”

Now after reading the email below, you will see what their clear objective is. I will comment after.

To Mr. Dean and Sons of Liberty Media:

My name is       , a reporter and analyst with NewsGuard, a new company researching news sites’ credibility and transparency.

In reviewing your site, I had several questions about your editorial policies:

1) Why does the site not explicitly disclose that it’s owned by Mr. Dean or name its major donors?

2) We’ve found numerous instances of the site publishing false claims. These include claiming the mail bomb sent to CNN was “fake,” (“Alleged Pipe Bombs To Democrats & CNN Are Very Suspicious”), asserting that suspect Cesar Sayoc’s van was “doctored” with pro-Trump, anti-Democrat stickers before “the fake bomb hoax” (“Wondered Why All Those Trump Stickers On Fake “MAGA” Bomber’s Van Were So Pristine? – Here’s Why”), claiming President Barack Obama’s birth certificate was “fraudulent” (“Obama Rubs America’s Nose In It From Kenya: “I’m The First Sitting American President To Come From Kenya”) and stating the school shooting in Parkland, Florida was a “false flag attack” (“Soros, Bloomberg & Planned Parenthood Funding David Hogg’s Anti-Gun Student Protests”). None of these stories have been corrected. Does the site stand by the claims made in these stories? What additional evidence does it have to support these conclusions?

3) We’ve also found that the site fails our standards on gathering and presenting information responsibly by drawing conclusions based on conjecture or unreliable sources. For example, an October 2018 story reported that Sayoc was a DJ at the same Florida strip club where adult film actress Stormy Daniels — who has alleged she had a sexual relationship with President Trump — performed in April. The site uses this connection to ask Sayoc and Daniels “are involved in a false flag operation to destroy President Trump? Shouldn’t that possibility at least be investigated?” The story cites a article which was later edited to remove what Townhall editors called “a sentence that hinted at a baseless conspiracy, falling short of our standards.” Why hasn’t Sons of Liberty corrected the story like Townhall has and removed the claims about a conspiracy? What other evidence does it have that Sayoc and Stormy Daniels are “involved in a false flag operation?”

4) We’ve also found the site does not handle the difference between news and opinion responsibly. While some stories are tagged as commentary, those tagged as featured news generally include opinionated statements and present writers’ opinions as facts. For example, an October 2018 story titled “CNN’s Jim Acosta Has Audacity To Demand White House Name ‘Fake News Media’ – Gets Put In His Place” is tagged as a featured news story, but contains numerous statements of opinion criticizing CNN, including declaring “Yes, CNN is most definitely an enemy of the people!  There I said it!”

In another example, an October 2018 article titled Obama: “Nobody In My Administration Got Indicted,”, which is marked as “featured news,” calls Obama the “usurper-in-chief” and claimed “there is no doubt that his administration was arguably the most corrupt that America has ever seen.”

How does the site aim to separate news from opinion? Why are these examples not tagged as commentary?

5) We have also found examples of deceptive headlines which do not reflect the content of articles. For example, an October 2018 story is headlined “European Court of Human Rights Support Sharia – Deny Free Speech To Tell The Truth About Muhammad,” but the article cited by Sons of Liberty makes no mention of the court “supporting” Sharia law. What is the site’s policy on headlines reflecting the content of articles?

6) Does the site have a corrections policy? Can you point us to examples of the site posting a correction within a story while disclosing the original error to readers?

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. You can read more about our criteria here:

After reading their request-demand email, you can clearly see that it is their objective to have you align with their point of view and if not, then you will fall into the category of one of their questionable sites.

Their questions seemed to come across as if to say, why are you questioning the CIA-controlled media’s narratives? Some of their objections concerning the content were even ignorantly ridiculously. As if to say why haven’t you requested our seal of approval for your site? Coming across as arrogant claimants-the final say when it comes to truth and untruths of the media’s content. Isn’t this the problem that we are already having in this country?

The Mainstream Media today is calling out sites for “fake news” and yet, 94% of Americans already know who is responsible for the “fake news” and that being the Mainstream Media! They do not like being exposed for their propaganda and lies as “fake news” and because of this they fund “fact Checkers” that question sites that tell the truth and expose them for who they are (John 7:7).

You can see that they have no one in their own ranks to cross-check their content.  How does that work? It doesn’t! And that is why we are!

People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. These self-proclaimed “fact checkers” have, in fact, been found to be funded in many cases by the likes of the CIA, the same CIA that controls the Mainstream Media.

Operation Mockingbird – CIA Media Control Program

Look at subversive companies such as Facebook and other big tech companies who facilitate these so called “fact checkers” such as Snopes etc. Here we go again, it is none other than the Central Intelligence Agency who funds the likes of “ / The Definitive fact-checking site and reference source.” Friends, you cannot make this stuff up, and all of this is being done in the light of day (Jeremiah 8:12).

Many of these “fact checkers” are nothing more than brow beaters advocating and or covering for “fake news” outlets in the mainstream media.

In closing, if people do not want to come to the Sons of Liberty Media and read the content, that is well cross-checked by the senior editor, which by the way is in direct conflict and contrast with how the mainstream media delivers it, that is your choice.  That choice does not fall to any “fact checker” to decide. There is a reason that we have the freedom of the press (First Amendment of The Bill of Rights) , which does not include the freedom to lie or to defame (Exodus 20:16). Oh how I desire that more Americans would understand this. If any question should arise with The Sons of Liberty Media’s content, please go directly to the contributor and get the source, which I am sure that they will be more than happy to produce. Sincerely.

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