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Another State Just Defunded Planned Parenthood

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Published on: March 18, 2016

Like other states before them, Florida has passed laws removing state funding and adding requirements to Planned Parenthood. These are similar to the restrictions adopted by Texas and Mississippi. This law makes it now illegal for state funds to go to any health provider that also provides abortions.

Christian News reports:

Lawmakers in Florida have voted to defund the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, as well as to place new requirements on abortion facilities that mirror those currently being challenged in the U.S. Supreme Court.

House Bill 1411 reallocates funds that abortion providers had been receiving as Medicaid reimbursement, and prohibits the government from contracting with organizations that offer abortion services—with the exceptions of rape, incest and the life of the mother. Abortion facilities receive approximately $200,000 a year in Medicaid funds.

This will mean that not only will the current agreements be made illegal, but it will also prohibit future contracts to be made with any abortion provider to receive Medicaid reimbursement. And though this is good news for anti-abortion advocates, it is not the best news.

Christian News continued:

The bill also requires abortionists to obtain admitting privileges or transfer agreement with a local hospital and mandates stricter inspections at abortion facilities. In Texas and Mississippi, where admitting privilege laws have been passed, some abortion facilities have faced possible closure as they have been unable to find hospitals that willing to work with them.

The ruling in Mississippi and Texas may have some effect on the Florida law, but there are good signs from its passage. There is also a chance that this and other issues will force the states to deal with the courts illegal rulings on cases they have no authority to rule.

These fights may be designed by God to right our ship, as it has been unguided and protected. The murder of 300,000 plus babies a year may be the only thing that will make us fight for our rights.

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