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Another Victory: Restaurant Owner Stands Against Corruption And Wins!

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Published on: March 27, 2021

“God is willing to give you what it is that you are willing to fight for.”

History proves that you can only oppress a people for so long before they stand up. The fact of the matter is that the more Americans are oppressed, the more they multiply, and they are (Exodus 1:12).

Of course, the mainstream media would have you deaf to the victories to further discourage the people and continue oppressing through deceptive measures in hopes that the people will throw up their hands and succumb to their unconstitutional edicts.

However, the truth remains that their attempts to suppress the truth will never be long lasting. The truth, like the lion, is only to be let loose because it will defend itself, and it surely does.

We see it over and over again where the people are willing to fight and resist tyranny, they win the day (1 Timothy 6:12), and here is yet another example.

The National File reported:

VIRGINIA: Restaurateur Who Ignored Mask Mandate Beats Government in Court, Will Keep Doors OPEN

A Fredericksburg, Virginia restaurant owner who scrapped a state mask mandate has defeated the Northam Administration in court, successfully defending both his business and the freedom of choice after refusing to back down amidst health department efforts to shutter his business.
Judge Ricardo Rigual denied the state’s request to force the immediate and permanent closure of the Gourmeltz restaurant, writing that the state “has failed to clearly demonstrate the factors necessary to grant a temporary injunction,” nor has it demonstrated that Gourmeltz poses any actual threat to the general public. While the case may yet be brought to trial, the restaurant’s doors will stay open in the meantime, dealing a strong blow to the efforts of the Northam Administration’s shutdown agents.

As previously reported by National File, Gourmeltz owner Matt Strickland refused to back down from big government as he vowed to fight for his business against the state, raising over $9,000 for his legal defense and hiring former GOP Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia as his attorney.

It took Matt Strickland, a Marine Corps veteran of the War on Terror, five years to build his business up from a food truck to a popular brick and mortar eatery. Now, after scrapping Governor Northam’s mask mandate and giving his employees and customers alike the freedom of choice, he is at risk of losing his hard work as he prepares to fight for his livelihood in court against his own government.

“I’m not afraid of the state, I’m not afraid of the federal government,” Strickland says. “I spent most of my adult life fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have no problem coming home and fighting here in Virginia.”

Conclusion: Matt Strickland is one that understands what it takes to remain free because he understands the price paid for that freedom and what it takes to attain it.

When Americans understand, from the heart, that sacrifice, they will, out of gratitude, tolerate nothing that kicks against when it comes to corruption (John 15:13).

Congratulations Matt, we are with you!

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