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Anti-American Rep. Ilhan Omar Attacks The Hill As Islamophobic “Othering” By Using Term “Muslim Verse”

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Published on: March 19, 2019

Right there is all you need to know about where Muslims like Omar and others want to take America, straight to totalitarian Islamic Sharia.  The Hill, far from some right-wing news outlet simply made reference to the fact that Omar shared a “Muslim verse” in a tweet following the attack in New Zealand, and apparently, Omar took offense that they would actually call it a “Muslim verse.”  She then blasted them claiming they were “lazy and ‘othering,'” whatever that is, and claimed victim status by suggesting The Hill was claiming Muslims weren’t allowed to pray.

Omar’s tweets were caught by Twitchy.

We’re old enough to have attended school back before terms like “intersectionality” and “marginalization” had taken over the curriculum, so we didn’t see the carefully placed dog-whistle in The Hill’s tweet about Rep. Ilhan Omar reciting a Muslim verse in the aftermath of the Christchurch mass shooting. Maybe you’ll catch it.

Here’s the tweet on which The Hill was reporting:

Now she’s accusing The Hill of “otherizing” her and other Muslims by pointing out she shared a Muslim verse.

First, our guess is that a Muslim verse is a verse said by Muslims, and second, where the hell did she get the idea that The Hill was suggesting that Muslims aren’t allowed to say a prayer for their dead?…

Why would this even be an issue for Omar?  Because she is secretly pushing the idea that Muslims are to be revered, exalted above typical Americans and bowed down before.  Ain’t gonna happen though, except for those who self-censor and the media.

With that in mind, author Robert Spencer points out that The Hill is “going to have to learn the new rules.”

“As a Sharia-observant Muslim, Ilhan Omar is a victim. She is therefore never to be questioned, challenged, or contradicted. She is to be treated at all times and in all circumstances with adulatory praise. Even to note her activities in a neutral manner is “othering” and enhances her victim status, and probably makes you responsible for the New Zealand massacre. Ilhan Omar is our new master. Bow down!”

Author Pamela Geller adds:

Jihad Jew-hater Ilhan Omar has accused already sharia-compliant The Hill with “othering” her because they used the term “Muslim Verse” — in a positive light, I might add. Of course, the great irony is that Omar “others” herself – with her anti-Americanism, Jew-hatred, bigamy, incestuous marriage to her brother and her relentless Islamic supremacism.

As a Jew, if someone uses the term “Jewish prayer” or “Jewish verse,” let me assure, there is nothing negative in it. This is just totalitarianism a la Islam.

This is what happens though when you let idolators like Omar and other Muslims into the spotlight.  There can be no unity among the people of America when some are following the death cult of Islam and a demonic god such as Allah.  Learn the lesson before it’s too late and let’s set about to remove this woman from office and pray the true and living God to deliver her from her religious delusions.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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