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Anti-American Women’s March To Lead March 14 National School Walkout Against Guns

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Published on: March 6, 2018

Well, the cowardly women’s march group is slated to lead the “children” in a national school walkout against guns on March 14.  No surprise here as useful idiots and anti-Americans lock arms to protest against our rights in the street.

On March 14, students, faculty and other supporters around the world (allegedly) will exit their schools at 10 am to dishonor, I’m sorry honor, those allegedly killed in the Parkland High School shooting as they protest gun violence and, in effect, promote the gun confiscation agenda.

Participants are being encouraged to wear orange, which clearly ties them to prison colors, I mean, is worn by those who promote gun confiscation.

Some of the schools are even planning to have featured speakers.

However, the Women’s March group,  a group with ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, will be spearheading this event.  Why?  Well, we know why.  They are funded by the same brood that little David Hogg is being funded by none other than George Soros and company.

Joel Pollack at Breitbart writes:

An anti-Trump organization linked to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is leading the “National School Walkout” on March 14, in which millions of children will be instructed to demonstrate against guns.

The “Women’s March” organization, which conducted nationwide “pink pussyhat” protests the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration last year, is leading the National School Walkout in coordination with the national Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

Through the PTA, many local school districts will be participating in the protest, and teachers and administrators will be encouraging students to “walk out” of class to demonstrate for gun control.

The Women’s March is not only an avowedly political organization, but it is also led by radicals such as co-president Tamika D. Mallory, who attended an antisemitic speech by Farrakhan last weekend in which he specifically praised her from the podium. Farrakhan declared that “the Jews have control over agencies of government,” among other inflammatory remarks.

If that were not enough, Pollock adds more concerning the praise these women are heaping upon the man who recently said, “Jews Are My Enemy” and “White Folks Are Going Down.”

Other Women’s March leaders have also expressed admiration for Farrakhan; co-chair Carmen Perez called him an “inspirational individual.”

And co-chair Linda Sarsour, an anti-Israel firebrand who called for a “jihad” against the Trump administration, and who says women who protest radical Islam should have their vaginas taken away, also praised Farrakhan in the past.

Mallory, Perez, and Sarsour refuse to distance the Women’s March from Farrakhan, which has earned them rebukes from the Anti-Defamation League as well as “progressive” Jewish groups, who note the Women’s March would never tolerate the kind of bigotry against any other group that it is willing to defend when Farrakhan attacks Jews.

And yet the Farrakhan-linked Women’s March will be leading millions of children out of the classroom and into the streets, thanks to the PTA and local school boards across the country. The Sacramento Bee even acknowledges the role of the Women’s March in leading the March 14 protest, but fails to note the group’s radical political ties.

Yes, this is who you want to make you feel safe, isn’t it?  A racist Islamist who wants white people hunted down and murdered along with a hijab-wearing charlatan who has similar views and wants to put you under Sharia.  Apparently, no one is thinking here.

This group is determined to befriend students for the purpose of radicalizing them even more, but it’s possible that in some cases, it may just backfire on them.

In the state of Washington, of all places, students who walk out of class could face punishment for their actions.

MYNorthwest reports:

On March 14, thousands of students from high schools across Western Washington are expected to walk out of class, demanding an end to school violence.

In the state of Washington, there are consequences for students who walk out of class in protest. But the Garfield Student leader says that seems unfair because their message of safety is so crucial. And now the ACLU is getting involved to make sure students know their rights.

Students do have the right to free speech and to freely assemble, but the question is, do they have a right to disrupt the classroom and leave it for such things without consequences?

According to state law, they don’t, but the law apparently will not be enforced across the state.

“Seattle and Everett school officials say they will follow state law,” reports MyNorthWest.  “Any student who walks out will receive an unexcused absence. Tacoma school officials say they are still discussing what they will do.”

However, the Seattle Public Schools board says it will participate in the student-led “March for Our Lives”  on Saturday, March 24.

I’m not surprised.  Seattle is a Communist haven.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from them.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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