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Anti-Constitutional Government Continues To March To The Beat Of #40

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Published on: July 25, 2021

Anti Fed Ed Warriors,  in just a few days, the Reagan Institute Summit on Education (RISE) will host its 4th annual summit. If you’ve not heard of this type of meeting, that’s okay. A fellow education Warrior sent me the email she received alerting her to the plethora of CCSS Machine members (and thus, their respective groups) who will be in attendance, leading the audience.

The Reagan Institute is part of the US Presidential Library named for the former President #40. Along with the Library, there’s a Foundation, as well as the Institute. Each arm is responsible for carrying on President Reagan’s legacy. However, when it comes to education, his legacy is not one we should be celebrating, much less, still marching to.


Warriors, why would I say that we shouldn’t celebrate Reagan’s legacy? This excerpt from Charity Navigator about the Reagan Foundation/Institute should tell you, “The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the promotion of the legacy of Ronald Reagan and his timeless principles of individual libertyeconomic opportunityglobal democracy, and national pride.”



Warriors, let’s look at who will be at the 4th Annual RISE event. You can see all their smug faces by following this link. However, for the sake of this article, here’s a list of the CCSS Machine members/entities:

Amplify, NE Higher Education, Digital Promise, MS former Governor, Abe Lincoln’s Foundation/Library, Grantmakers for ED, current SC (US) Representative, current Lt. Governor (KY), Americorps, Bainum Family Learning, Walton Foundation (Wal-Mart), current AZ Governor, NV Public Instruction, ED Trust (where you’ll find former US Sec. of ED, Dr. John King), Bezos Family Foundation (Amazon), RI Higher Education, WI current (US) Rep., current Lt. Gov (DE), LA (State) Higher Ed, former TN Governor, current MD Governor, current AR Governor, VP T-Mobile, National Inst. for Excellence in Teaching, current CO Governor, CEO of Baltimore Public Schools, MA’s Higher Ed, America Achieves, current Commissioner of TN Public Ed, 2 current NJ (US) Reps., SC’s current Superintendent of Ed, Strada Ed Network, NC (US) Rep, PBS Newshour, College Board’s Global Policy and External Relations, AND….2 former U.S. Secretaries of the Dept. of Education (Paige and Duncan).

From then current slides you can see on the Reagan Institute’s website is this ‘legacy’ of globalism indoctrination:


If you’d like to see how this will help our children become ‘22nd Century ready’, visit here.

We Were Warned:

Warriors, if you go back in my archives, you’ll be able to see that from Pres. Johnson to Biden, the trail of indoctrination, collectivism, and, now the march to match the (United Nations) UN’s tyrannical rule in education. Pres. Reagan, if you’ll remember, had an opportunity to reverse Pres. Carter’s creation of the US Dept. of Education, but instead signed education agreements to align American education to Russia’s model of educratic existence!

It was also President Reagan who signed the National Day of Education with Rebbe Schneerson to help lay the Noahide Laws into our education system’s foundation via the US Dept. of Education. By signing global education agreements, Pres. Reagan created the base for the CBE, Competency Based Education system we see NOW, to begin! By signing non American, unbiblical agreements, he helped usher in the discrimination and persecution we’re seeing increase every year, in and OUT of schools.

This, is spite of proclaiming 1983 as “The Year of the Bible”. You cannot lead a Bible based nation with unbiblical teachings in your education system and expect it to thrive.


It was under Pres. Reagan, that our lovely Charlotte Iserbyt, was able to SEE with her own eyes the documents to prove this. It was Charlotte who blew the whistle! She still is, all these years later! Why? Because she knows, like we do, that the legacy of #40 is rubbish, when it comes to real learning!

Warriors, I am, in no way blaming the entire demise of education in America at former Pres. Ronald Reagan’s feet. That’s not only incorrect, it ignores the facts of the many, many numbers of individuals, corporations, government entities, and everything connecting them to the demise. However, no other former Presidential Foundation or Institution is holding its 4th annual Summit on continuing the global march of tyranny on July 22nd. What comes out of that summit will most definitely show up in America VERY soon!

So, what’s a Warrior to do? Listen in, follow up and look at the OTHER Presidential Foundations to see what THEY are involved in! They are, after all, taxpayer funded!


Related Resources:
1) From my 2020 article/interview displaying the trail of tyranny from Pres. Johnson to then, Pres. Trump, these Reagan specific links:

From Charlotte Iserbyt, 2012 (EduGate): AND
(*NOTE: This was the hard copy paper written and featuring Charlotte’s info about EDUGATE)

 The US/USSR Education Agreement (Rand Corp is named/State Dept., many universities, the Nat’l Acad of Science are also named)

2) From Charlotte’s website, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, her link to all the research on former Pres. Reagan.

3) From John Klyczek’s book, “School World Order”, Reagan was mentioned at least 11 times. The most revealing references are below:

On page 10, you’ll learn how former Pres. Reagan’s Task Force on Private Education began the farce called ‘school choice’. How is it a farce? The illusion of freedom of choice cloaked in out and out fascism by using money to privatize public education. The Every Student Succeeds Act (2015, former Pres. Obama) codified ‘school choice’. On pages 16-19, the author gives you a time line of how Executive Orders for charter schools (from Pres. #40) helped further the fascism and illusion of ‘school choice’.

Page 54 details the OBE (Outcome Based Education) models from BF Skinner, which not only Reagan embraced, but every President since, including BOTH the Republicans AND Democrats! Pages 91-93 detail what, by far and away, was Reagan’s biggest nod to the UN and globalism, especially as we are seeing in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) push in education. Project BEST (Better Education Skills Through Technology). From Reagan to Biden, this Project has been cast aside in some ways; increased in others, and was 100% totally embraced by former Pres. Trump, when it gave the Project new life. Page 107 shows you how Reagan picked William Bennett (as Sec. of Education) was later tied to Betsy DeVos (before her rein as Sec. of ED) via virtual public schools (K12, Inc; which is thriving under the COVID crisis in education). K12 and DeVos can also be tied to ALEC, which is a HUGE CCSS Machine member organization as well as undermining our entire nation!

Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

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