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Anti-Theists Play the Victim… Even When No One Else is Around

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Published on: May 5, 2015

We have all heard the question: If a tree falls in the woods will it make a sound? It is one of those philosophical questions that make people hate philosophy. It could never be answered, and no one really cares, but there is a very similar question to which we now have the answer. Yes, if an atheist is surrounded by nothing, but other atheists, he/she still will play the victim.

Christian News reports

A city in Wisconsin that is the home of a prominent atheist activist organization has passed a law that adds “non-religion” to its non-discrimination statutes.

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Now, I have to confess that it was very difficult for me to decide how to respond to this story. I was not sure if it was the “crying wolf” or the fact that people are addicted to making laws, even if they are not needed, which I needed to address. The fact of the matter is that these people are dying to cry about something. Though they live in “Atheist Central,” they still want to say they are being discriminated against for their non-belief. I think that it is a culture of offended people with no one to offend them. This forces them to make up issues.

“It just seems to me that religion has spread into government more than I feel comfortable with,” she (Anita Weier) said. “It just occurred to me that religion was protected, so non-religion should be, too.”

Now, I am not sure if Anita was snowed in, and her cabin only had 1950s films or if she just has not been paying attention. Either way, Weier was successful in passing a “do not discriminate against the faithless law,” in the least faithful town in the North-West. And this points us once again to the religious aspect of atheists.

Anita and her fellow atheists are concerned that they are left out even though they are as religious in their unbelief as any adherent of Christianity, Islam or any other religion. They want to point out that they were left out and that they are picked on by others, even when they are in a community of like-minded people.

“[P]eople in my student group, for example, are very hesitant to be honest about their lack of belief in God out of fear that they are going to be discriminated against in employment opportunities,” Chris Calvey, the former president of Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics, told Raw Story. “If that came up in a job interview, that’s held against them.”

This is stupid. And I am not saying that because I am a Christian. This is stupid because what he just described is illegal. It is already against the law to refuse to hire a person based on their belief. This is the equivalent to making it illegal to beat a man who practices sodomy or a black man because it is considered a “hate crime.” That is already a crime, hate or not.

These people have to claim a victim status. Either they feel as though the world is against them or they want the attention. Either way, this kind of petty, 5th grade, foolishness is what has weighed our country down with bureaucratic worthlessness. The incessant need to play the victim is what has moved the atheist cause over the last decade.

But as Christian News reports, the silliness is only getting worse.

Todd Steifel, President of Openly Secular, told the Associated Press that he believes there is a stigma against atheists in America.

“People have been raised being told that atheists are evil and they eat babies and they can’t be trusted,” he said.

Eat babies? Really Todd? I think you have gotten your weekend roleplaying as Voldemort confused with you weekly role as a fool (Ps. 14:1).


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