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Apparently, We’ve Been Lied To Again! Islamic State Caliph al-Baghdadi Releases Audio After Being Reported Dead 4 Times!

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Published on: September 29, 2017

In what can only be seen as evidence that there is media propaganda, the at least four times declared dead Islamic State Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has apparently released an audio clip stating, “The abundance of killing will not stop us.”

The Islamic State released the audio recording on Thursday in which the voice of al-Baghdadi can be heard calling on members of the growing caliphate in Syria and Iraq to “resist” their enemies.

“The leaders of the Islamic State and its soldiers have realized that the path to… victory is to be patient and resist the infidels whatever their alliances,” said the person heard in the recording, who experts claim the voice belongs to.

“With God’s will and his strength, we are staying determined, patient…The abundance of killing will not stop us,” Baghdadi said in the audio recording.

The Middle East Eye reports:

It was not clear when the message, released by the IS-affiliated al-Furqan media group, was recorded.

In it, the apparent IS leader lashed out at “infidel nations headed by America, Russia and Iran” who, along with their allies, have inflicted losses on the jihadists during separate anti-IS offensives against IS in Syria and Iraq.

Thursday’s was the first audio message said to be of Baghdadi since November 2016, when he spoke in a defiant tone in urging his supporters to defend the city of Mosul against a massive operation by Iraqi forces.

That recording, also released by al-Furqan, was a rare sign of life from Baghdadi.

The fall of Mosul in July effectively marked the end of the Iraqi half of Baghdadi’s “caliphate” even though IS continues to fight in some territory outside of Mosul, the largest city they came to control in both Iraq and Syria.

So, it’s possible that al-Baghdadi is dead, but no one seems able to confirm that even though we’ve had at least four reports of his death.

In September of 2014, Iraqi News reported that al-Baghdadi was killed by US airstrikes.   The Pentagon denied he was even injured in the strike.

In April 2015, Radio Iran claimed that he was killed in an airstrike which left him with serious injuries that proved to be fatal.

Then, in June 2016, The Daily Mail reported,”ISIS have been accused of covering up the death of its talismanic leader in a desperate bid to prevent morale collapsing among its fighters.”

Clearly, someone is lying about al-Baghdadi.  Like Osama bin Laden, we don’t have a clue as to when that guy actually died.  Yeah, I know some Navy SEAL claims to have killed him, but honestly, where is the evidence?  Aren’t SEALs secretive about that sort of thing?

Weren’t SEALs outed by the Obama administration for killing bin Laden to the point that nearly two dozen of them were killed aboard Extortion 17 and they believed they were put in danger by the Obama administration.

Whatever the issue is, whether propaganda or simply fake news, we have to question whether or not the audio is authentically al-Baghdadi and whether or not it was recorded recently or years prior.

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