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Are Super Bowl Commercials Brainwashing People?

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Published on: February 8, 2016

“Two things only the people anxiously desire — bread and circuses.” – Roman writer used this phrase to deplore the declining heroism of Romans after the Roman Republic ceased to exist

Well, another Super Bowl has come and gone. I honestly don’t have either the time or the interest in watching grown men fight over a football in their tights. That doesn’t mean I’m against sports, but let’s be honest, I’m more interested in what that sport distracts us from, namely the growth of government and the loss of our liberties. However, the half-time show and the advertisements at the Super Bowl garner far more publicity than the actual game, and we’ve been seeing not only Illuminati (yes, there is such a thing that is out in the open not), but pro-sodomy and other criminal and sinful agendas being advanced. Commentator Mark Dice recently asked the question, “Are Super Bowl commercials brainwashing people?”

In a recent video titled Super Bowl Commercials Subliminal Mind Control Secrets Revealed, Dice joked mockingly at those who watch commercials because they are “so funny,” and asked, “So, you need a billion dollar beer company to entertain you?”

“You look forward to a cavity causing, crap-in-a-can, known as soda to peon public to make you laugh,” he added. “You’ve become so over stimulated, so brain damaged from the mentally enslaving mainstream media, that you look forward to having these billion dollar companies entertain you with a thirty second commercial.”

No matter the product, people flock to not only the Super Bowl, but also specifically designed websites that house… yes, there really are websites that house, Super Bowl commercials! Dice even used the metaphor of men running around in tights chasing a ball to talk about how Americans engage that more than they do reality.

Dice even went on to illustrate that his dog is as easily entertained as the average American football fan. Obviously, Dice, as well as myself, understand that people can watch a game and not been as brainwashed as he will articulate, but seriously, after I left the SHOT show with the clueless answers I received from many Americans peddling things which are protected under the intent of the Second Amendment, I’m not so sure he is not far off base. In fact, he makes that very point.

“It’s amazing, the power of the media to have mentally enslaved an entire nation,” Dice continues. “This is their number one priority. They can name the stats and who is playing, and who’s out injured and all the statistics, but most of these people don’t even know who the vice-president is.”

“Most of these people just can’t even name their own state capitol, but they know the quarterbacks on all the teams and they know all the cities and who is playing what” he adds.

Dice then challenges, “No, your priorities aren’t out of whack at all, are they? You’re a great American!”

He then soberly points the fingers and proclaims, “No, you’re the reason this country is failing. You are a mentally enslaved, mainstream media watching brain damaged buffoon that is yelling and screaming about some people chasing a ball.”

He then points out that the majority of these people have been “reduced to animals” with regard to their cognitive functions, to the point where the priority of many who engaged in this behavior have as one of their primary things in life is to watch a football game.

“You yell and scream about the football game, but don’t even care about the child molesters in your own backyard,” Dice continues. “You yell and scream if there’s a bad call by a ref, but you’ve never yelled or screamed at a city council meeting. You’ve never even made a call to your congressperson. I’m sure you don’t even know who they are!”

Of course, not only are people mindlessly engaged in sports in this manner and ignoring their civil duties to be vigilant on behalf of their posterity to keep criminals in check, but they are also propagandized by the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson with the violent reminiscence of the Black Panthers, Black Power, sodomy and sexual immorality.

Yep, I think Dice has it exactly right. The sad part is that the American Church, which claims to be the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, has also taken hold of the notion that this is a good thing, to its own shame and demise.

It’s time people begin to see this for exactly what it is, a distraction from the real issue, a lure to the “dark side,” and the embracing of lawlessness. It’s also time people repent in America and turn back to the God who established us during the time of the Pilgrims, to His laws and His ways, and once again see our Creator truly bless us.

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