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Are There Any Adults Left on College Campus?

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Published on: November 22, 2015

As I watch student activists across the country demanding resignations, free tuition, and racially segregated “safe spaces,” I can’t help wonder where the adults are? Although it flies in the face of reality, liberals always like to tell us that everything is about the kids. Nowhere was that slogan heard more loudly than during the union battles in Wisconsin. One teacher even went so far as to boldly claim that unions were responsible for weekends. The reality of what took place in the Badger state is this. As is always the case, the kids were reduced to nothing more than pawns in the union battle. Children are nothing more than foot soldiers in the progressive movement, and they always will be. Just in case there are liberals reading this right now, shaking their heads, this is for you (Caution: extreme language).

You see, it really is all about the kids! Setting aside the fact that nobody will ever be held to account for that disgusting video, what kind of parent uses their children in this fashion? These are the same people that think they are uniquely qualified to define right from wrong. And if this is what these kids are being taught at such an early age, exactly what can we expect when they grow up?

I just happen to have the answer to that question. This week, student protesters took over a town hall meeting on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill. Although this was a meeting designed to address alleged racial disparities, apparently it wasn’t enough. Student activists took over the event, as opposed to participating in it. Their list of 50 demands included free tuition, no SATs, no investments in prisons (they do that now?), and the immediate removal of UNC President Margaret Spellings. Unfortunately the young urchins will have to wait for the resignation, since Spellings won’t even assume the role until March of next year!

Are there any adults left on campus? Where is a firm voice of reason in this mess? We have students implementing Jim Crow laws under the guise of creating “safe spaces.” Last week we watched students telling members of the media that they weren’t “allowed” to cover their story, even bullying an Asian student journalist from the same campus! If segregation by skin color is what we’re after, then so be it. If not, then someone better get busy solving this issue. The bottom line is this: Someone in a position of authority better stand up to this angry mob of protestors, and they better do it real soon!

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