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Are We Ruled by Law or by Power Junkies?

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Published on: March 27, 2019

My goal with these articles is to get people to start thinking. Much of what we are told by our government officials and the media just does not make sense when you think about what they say. They are either horrible liars or they are extremely disturbed. Probably a combination of both things explains their behavior. A country whose officials continue to lie to its citizens is in serious trouble and the people need to seriously think about the situation and start dealing with the problem before they do even more damage.

One reason that explains a lot of our government’s behavior is power addiction. I will list a few examples of the extremes to start the thought process. Adolf Hitler was addicted to power. No matter how much power he obtained he wanted more. Hitler had millions and millions of people killed to prove how powerful he was and to obtain more power. The book Death by Government by R.J. Rummel lists the numbers of Hitler’s murdered victims at 20,946,000. There is an important quote in the book that tells of the deaths caused by government power addicts: “In total, during the first eighty-eight years of this century, almost 170 million men, women, and children have been shot, beaten, tortured, knifed, burned, starved, frozen, crushed, or worked to death;” That is a lot of deaths caused by people that think their power is more valuable than a human beings life. The book goes on to mention that if we include people being: “buried alive, drowned, hung, bombed, or killed in any other of the myriad ways governments have inflicted death on unarmed, helpless citizens and foreigners. The dead could conceivably be nearly 360 million people.” Given the extreme amounts of death caused by out of control power addicts pretending to be legitimate governments, you would think people would be concerned about allowing their governments to get out of control, and yet they seem to think the cause is the cure. This is like the opioid addict thinking their problem is taking too little of the drug, in the end, it only leads to an overdose and their death.

The reason I use the term addicted is that it explains how extreme Hitler’s behavior became. He killed many of his own generals because he felt threatened by them. If Hitler was truly powerful, he would not have had to use force to get his power, people would have wanted to be ruled by him. Yes, Hitler was elected at first, but after that Hitler used force to steal as much power as he could get.

A power addict is easy to spot because they need to rule over you more than you need them. I do not need a master, they need a slave. They do not care if they make things worse instead of better. All that matters is that they are in control. They would rather be the captain of a sinking ship than a deckhand on a successful voyage. Control is all that matters to the power addict. Think of our country’s leaders and ask yourself if power addiction explains their behavior.

Gun control is an excellent example of the power addict’s tactics. No matter what the facts are, or what things happen, they always claim it proves they should be able to outlaw guns and take them away from people. If you ask a gun grabbing power addict to explain how Dr. John R. Lott Jr. PhD’s book More Guns Less Crime proves that disarming law-abiding people increases crime, they will refuse. They do not care what the facts are. They want to force their solution on everyone else even if it makes things worse, not better. Even if the gun grabbers get more people killed, instead of saving lives, they want to control you and take your guns away. Ask yourself, do the people who want gun control being power addicts explain their behavior? Even the voter with no power is promised the ability to control you, as long as they vote for the gun grabbing politician.

Obama care is another example. They claimed health care cost too much money, and their solution made people’s health insurance premiums double and many people’s deductable triple. They made things worse, but they did get more power. So were they just getting the power to satisfy their power addiction? That explanation seems to explain things better than anything else.

People think that power addiction only affects the people at the top however that is not the case. Many people are addicted to forcing you to obey others. People in a school teaching children to obey, instead of learning how to think and make good decisions, love that power as much as the people at the top. Thinking is good for you but horrible for them. The wrong question can expose just how stupid they are. That is why they want censorship, it helps them hide their stupidity and keep their power. Intelligent people are not afraid of questions, only stupid people need to stop the discussion. Screaming, racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, gives them power and make it so they do not have to explain how their positions are failures. That is why they do it. If someone calls you any of those names, you should consider it a confession of their behavior, instead of an accusation of yours.

A country of people who cannot think only benefits the power addicts for a while as it will eventually collapse a country. That is why it is so dangerous. Rome collapsed as much from having bad citizens as it did from having bad leaders. A country where the people allow infanticide is just as bad as a country whose leaders allow infanticide. Rome had both. Rome had people who wanted to kill their children. Rome had leaders that allowed people killing children. Rome also had people who allowed their leaders and fellow citizens to kill children. The people who founded our country would have never allowed the murder of children. George Washington would have never allowed people to kill Christians in a coliseum for the entertainment of a horribly decrepit population.

However, George Washington and people like him controlled their leaders, or they became the leaders. Most of the people that go to political conventions do not go there with the idea of controlling their leaders and preventing them from becoming power addicts. Most of the people that go to political conventions act like groupies that jump up and down and clap on command as if they were trained animals instead of people with the responsibility of stopping a country from decaying even further. Most of the people that go to political conventions encourage the power addiction of their leaders instead of fighting against it. They think it is bad for the other political party to do it, but good when their political party to does it, they defend it.

Power addiction is like any other addiction. The rulers are addicted to controlling people. The people are addicted to the power of controlling each other on behalf of the leader and through the leader. Hate flourishes and they feel euphoric until society collapses. As in an overdose of Heroin, they think they feel good but in reality, they are dying. First responders will tell you that when you give an overdose patient the antidote to reverse the overdose of an opioid, they may become violent when they become conscious. That is because you wrecked their high. They can only think about losing their high, they are incapable of thinking about losing their life. The high is all that matters.

The power addict is no different they will destroy the country before they will give up their power. Hitler eventually killed himself. After being responsible for the killing of 21 million people, Hitler’s only solution was to continue killing, by killing himself. The problem for the power addict is they want power so much, to such an extreme, that they want the power of God. That is why Rome had the emperor cult where Cesar claimed to be a god.

The reality is only God could create the earth and the universe. The power junkie cannot be like God and create life, so they fake that they are God, and end life. How bad their addiction is, people may think is how many people they have killed. That is not actually the complete situation. The power addict’s ability to kill is dependant upon how many people are joining in on the addiction, or enabling the addiction. Charles Manson could only get a few followers so he was responsible for lesser deaths than Hitler. It is frightening to ponder how many people Manson would have killed if he had more followers. That is the true problem, people helping their leaders to obtain too much power, and letting that power become out of control.

Trying to save lives proves how powerful God is, and how weak humans really are. A person can be called upon to save someone’s life. You can open their airway, and then ventilate them so they get oxygen. You can use the defibrillator with complete perfection, to try and get their heart beating correctly again. You can do everything perfect, and the person can still die. No matter what you do, or how bad you want to save that life, it is still God’s final decision. It is the killer who wants to steal God’s decision, and pretend to be God.  Once the person has been dead no one has the power to bring people back to life.

That is the true answer to power addiction. We need to serve God, instead of trying to be God. We need to have our country obey God, instead of pretending to be God. God gave us Ten Commandments, people and countries thrive when they obey those Commandments. What people do not understand is there is no middle ground. Either you chose God, or you chose the Devil. Not making a decision is a decision. God is not going to force you to choose Him or obey Him. However, you do not have the power to force you way into heaven, or stay alive indefinitely. Once you are dead, you are either going to heaven or hell. That power is God’s.

The people of this country need to understand this and do something before these people get so out of control that there is no hope of return. History shows the road map of destruction, we need to turn around.

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