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Arizona Pastor Openly Rebukes Sodomites & Federal Government on Local News

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Published on: October 18, 2014

Some people might remember the controversial, patriot Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church after his brutal encounter with Border Patrol that resulted in him being tasered multiple times and bloodied by his own broken car window. Ultimately, he was found not guilty of the charges against him. Recently, he spoke out about the issue of redefining marriage to give special rights to sodomites, calling it disgusting and saying it was more of an attempt of the federal government overstepping its bounds.

Anderson’s comments come on the heels of the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding five states that petitioned the high court to rule on the matter after lower courts ruled against the people and their state constitutions. As I wrote previously, this was never a matter for the federal government and governor of the states need to grow a spine and tell the courts to take a hike and lead like they are supposed to. The courts are not the final authority in the matter. God is.

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Anderson’s home state of Arizona was not one of the states that petitioned the Supreme Court. However, the Baptist pastor was very outspoken when the local news interviewed him regarding sodomy and redefining marriage.

While some people said that if people want to get married they should get married and others said that marriage should be recognized no matter who the people are, Pastor Anderson was the only one who spoke from a biblical worldview and called sodomy what it is.

“I’m totally against it,” Anderson told a local ABC affiliate. “I think homosexuality is disgusting.”

Anderson went further stating that he doesn’t think the people of Arizona want marriage redefined to include homosexuals and gender-confused individuals.

“I don’t even think this is what the people of Arizona want,” he said. “Forget me as a pastor, as Bible believing Christian… if you took a poll of Arizona, I would guarantee you that more than half the people are not OK with this, but it’s just the federal government cramming it down our throat.”

Clearly, some of his interview was edited and he has not been one to back down from calling homosexuality sin and something that should be repented of.

While I would say that we shouldn’t “forget” Pastor Anderson, but rather point to the teachings of Scripture, I give him credit for going on television and expressing that homosexuality and redefining marriage is wrong and that the federal court’s ruling is unlawful, just as much as the lower court’s ruling.

Other pastors, according to the ABC reporter wouldn’t conduct an interview about the issue, but rather, for the most part said that they would not perform a homosexual wedding and explain why. They said rather than use the platform given to them in the media to express the truth of God’s Word (and yes, that is what the media were offering them, a platform to do just that), they would rather focus on “loving” people in the community, not just condemning what they’re doing.

Not only does this come on the heels of the Supreme Court’s ruling, but it follows the Vatican’s apostate statement, “Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community.”

Let me blunt. Pastors who are unwilling to confront homosexuals with their sin and instead want to “love” them are not doing what they are mandated to do nor are they actually loving them. Loving the homosexual is pointing out their sin and calling them to repentance. One wonders how these pastors would handle a murderer, a thief, an adulterer or any other sinner. Would they not warn them of what they were engaged in and exhort them towards repentance? Is that somehow considered “unloving” today? It sure is, but if we are to turn things around in this country, we must do that which is truly loving and call people to repent and obey the Word of God.

Our forefathers didn’t tolerate sodomites. Why are we not following the Biblical mandate regarding their crimes? If we did that, we wouldn’t be dealing with the issue of bastardizing the institution of marriage.

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