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Armed Texan Ran Toward Uvalde Shooter To Stop Him Outside School – Cops Blocked Him & Kids Died

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Published on: June 7, 2022

Uvalde, TX — As the Free Thought Project frequently reports, the most effective deterrent to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. In the state of Texas, thanks to their lack of gun control, there are lots of good guys with guns and one of them could have prevented the entire tragedy that unfolded at Robb Elementary last month. Unfortunately, however, he was stopped by the people we are told are here to protect us, and 19 children and two teachers were slaughtered.

In an interview on Sunday, Cody Briseno — who works at a funeral home across the street from Robb Elementary — told reporters that he was one of the first people to encounter the shooter on May 24th. For the last two weeks, Briseno has been burying the dead and they hit him extremely hard knowing that he could have stopped it.

Briseno told reporters that he originally ran up to the shooter’s truck after it crashed, thinking that he may need help. When he saw the shooter exit the vehicle with an “evil look” and holding an AR-15, however, he quickly ran back to work.

“We locked eyes and he gave me this vibe. I told him, are you OK? Me thinking he was dazed out,” he said. “At that moment, he looks right back to me … with that evil look, and what I see is this rifle.”

That’s when the shooter opened fire and began firing on Briseno.

“I get up, and as I’m running, I look back,” Briseno said. “And he was aiming that barrel right at me and my co-worker.”

After obtaining his firearm, Briseno ran back toward the danger to confront the shooter. Unfortunately, he would be stopped by cops as the shooter remained outside of the school, giving them ample time to take him out but refusing to act.

“Hey, what are you doing,” an officer asked Briseno as he began heading to the school to confront the shooter, he said. He told the cops, “I’m going to go in and try to stop them.”

Instead of allowing this good guy with a gun to stop the bad guy with a gun, cops told Briseno to stay back and shut up.

“I feel guilty man, because I couldn’t stop (him),” Briseno said, adding that he buried five children killed on that day, one of whom was his cousin, Amerie Jo Garza.

“Had to dig the grave, set up the tent, lower her casket,” Briseno said.

When the reporter asked him what was the most difficult aspect of coping with the events that day, he says it’s knowing that he could’ve stopped it.

“It always plays in my head,” he said, when “I loaded those caskets down.”

As TFTP reported last week, the shooter was able to fire off rounds outside the school building for 12 minutes, unobstructed and unchallenged by law enforcement before he entered the school and murdered children. He then entered the school where he was allowed to remain unhindered for 1 hour and 17 minutes before a tactical unit with Border Patrol showed up, disobeyed the order not to go in, and finally took him out.

Had cops not stopped Briseno, that hour and 17 minutes of carnage may never have happened.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist


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