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Army Recruitment Sign Mentions God – Deemed Unacceptable

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Published on: January 22, 2015

I do not believe in Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny, but I do not get upset when I see others talking about them. I do not demand that their images be removed from public display. It does not even anger me when I see some display Santa as a representation of the Incarnation season. I tell you this to ask a question. Why do you think atheists get so mad when people mention God?

If God is not real, why do you care that I believe, celebrate, or talk of Him? Why do atheists get mad and threaten law suits and cry foul when signs mention God? The reason is that they know He is real, and it is a reminder that they will face Him.

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This happened in the case of an Army recruitment sign. The sign said, “On a Mission for Both God and Country.” This sign, which was on a sandwich board, sat in front the recruiting office in Phoenix, Arizona.

The sign was removed.

The Army said that it was not because of any complaints, but because the sign did not get proper approval.

Brian Lepley of Army Recruiting Command said: “Had the process been followed, the copy shown would not have been approved.” And though there were many complaints, the one that received the most attention was those of Mikey Weinstein.

Weinstein, of the group Military Religious Freedom Foundation, wrote an article concerning the sign. The Daily Kos published the article. There, he said that the sign was: a “painfully pathetic poster,” a “stunning unconstitutional disgrace” and a “poster of shame.”

How can the mention of God be so “painful and stunning?” There is no doubt the sign has negatively affected Weinstein. It is hard to understand why though. Did it make his service any less meaningful? Did it change the efforts or even the motives for which he had joined the military? No. It did not even connect him or his service to a “disgraceful” historical memory, which could be said to dishonor his service. But his rant continued.

“Long story short, the poster at the Phoenix armed forces recruitment hub is an absolutely abominable slap in the face of everyone who’s ever taken the time to digest, understand, and swear the service members’ sacred oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution, let alone those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the values, rights, and protections contained therein.”

First, we have to understand that this was not an unconstitutional sign. Mikey needs to read the Constitution he swore to protect. There is no mention of a promise of government or military absent of God. 

Christian news has this quote, which I think is pertinent: “[Saying that] ‘On a mission for both God and Country,’ is unconstitutional is an outright lie,” asserted writer Terresa Monroe-Hamilton. “There is absolutely nothing unconstitutional about it.”

“The saying has been around forever, and during battle, the military has always turned to God for comfort and for guidance,” she continued. “Now, the American military leadership and Obama’s administration have turned from God in a stark manner and God is likely to do the same in return. … May God have mercy on our country.”

For Mikey Weinstein, the question is not whether this sign broke the law; it clearly did not. No, what he needs to ask is why he was so mad. Why does he think that he should wage an “aggressive fight against fundamentalist Christian extremism?”

Is it not because of what Paul tells us in Romans 1:20-32? God has and is revealing Himself to all men. Though Mikey represses this revelation of God in unrighteousness, the mention of God brings to his memory the truth he seeks to deny. God is Creator and Judge and one day he will face Him.

May God grant Mikey Weinstein repentance and faith before that Day.


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