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As I Have Always Stated, “Those Who Are Selling You The Virus Are The Same Ones Selling You The Vaccines!” – Look Who Is Profiting From Them

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Published on: October 28, 2020

“You can get people to do anything with the use of fear.” -Congressman McDermott

One thing that history continuously teaches us is that history repeats itself when people do not learn from history (Galatians 6:7).

When it comes to ill-designing and cunning men, the same is true (Ephesians 4:14).  They all act just like their father the devil (John 8:44-10:10). They lie, they steal and they kill.

The Same DECEIVERS Pushing The Virus Are The Same ONES Selling You The Vaccinations…

In America today, these are the same kind of devils that create chaos to bring in a new order. The way that they do this is to create a “virus” and then embellish it beyond measure as well as its actual destructive capabilities.

In other words, they push unwarranted fear of an unverified virus and magnify its consequences if you do not rally behind their remedies (Proverbs 29:25).

Any Questions Left Concerning The Coronavirus as Being a Manufactured Crisis, This Will Surely Put Them to Rest – 2003 “Dead Zone” Forecasted 2020 Plandemic Verbatim (Video)

Created Crisis: They Have Lost The Coronavirus Narrative – Now Yale University Is Attempting To Manipulate People Into Taking The Vaccinations (Video)

One thing that will always tell you as to whom are creating the crisis, and that is them that gain from the crisis (Jeremiah 11:9).

One such example is Robert Kennedy Jr. and one of his recent posts. Pay close attention to the details because it’s in those that you will find the devil (Luke 12:2).

Anthony Fauci and President Trump have promised Americans “complete transparency” in order to bolster flagging trust in the White House Warp Speed COVID vaccine program. Yet, here (Slides 1-4) is a completely redacted contract between Dr. Fauci’s agency and his leading vaccine candidate Moderna that journalist Emily Kopp, of Congressional Quarterly, just obtained from an NIH FOIA request. What is it that Dr Fauci does not want us to know about the product he developed with $2.5 billion taxpayer dollars? Dr Fauci’s agency NIAID owns the critical patents on the Moderna vaccine and will reportedly receive half the royalties. Six of his employees may also receive $150k annual royalties for their work on the vaccine at our expense.

Moderna’s former Chair Moncef Slaoui is Operation Warp Speed Director. Slides 5-9 show a second Moderna contract that will give you a notion about the potential size of those royalty payments.

That contract obligates the Pentagon to buy 500,000,000 doses for $9 billion-presumably 2 doses for every US citizens. Is anyone else troubled that our government has tasked the military with this enterprise? The government may need soldiers to coerce vaccination once Moderna’s clinical trial results become public.In Phase 1, virtually all participants experienced unpleasant adverse effects with 4 volunteers (8.9%)suffering serious Grade 3 reactions meaning medical intervention required.

Initial results of Phase 3 trials are equally troubling with 3 participants enduring severe reactions.  One of them, Luke Hutchison of Utah, compared his vaccine response -fever, chills, migraines and trouble breathing-as “full on Covid like symptoms.”

Anthony Fauci: The Most Despised Con-man On The Planet Is Being Hailed By Time Magazine As One Of The Most Influential…See How This Works?

In conclusion: If you have not taken the time to see what the ingredients that are found in vaccinations are, you might want to take the time in doing so, and that for your own good (Leviticus 19:19).

Despite Hundreds Of Thousands Of Doctors Debunking The Coronavirus, Government Runs Roughshod Over The People And Says Get Ready For Vaccinations! (Videos)

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