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As Obama Allows Muslims Invaders, He Denies US Visas to Persecuted Christians

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Published on: September 26, 2015

There can be no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is complicit in the genocide of Middle East Christians that is ongoing under the Islamic State. While he is flooding the united States with unvetted Muslim invaders to the tune of hundreds of thousands, Obama is denying visas in the united States to persecuted Christians.

Kevin Jessip, president of Global Strategic Alliance, told the Christian Post, “It’s inappropriate for the Untied States of America to discriminate against a minority religion who is in dire need of asylum. These are proven cases at the UNHCR that we’ve seen of people who have been denied, and are in jeopardy of losing their lives.”

“Not only have they ran and lost everything, but now, in many cases, we are seeing people facing another impending threat, and that is starvation,” he added.

Many of these Christian refugees don’t even have basic resources for food, water or good hygiene.

Grace Knodt, vice president of GSA, confirms Jessip’s claims.

Knodt told Christian Post, “As far as our Christian brothers and sisters are concerned, they are facing imminent death, many of them.”

So, what is being done about this? Jessip’s organization has started “Fostering Families” program, which is looking to accumulate at least 1,000 American churches to take in persecuted Christian refugees from the Middle East.

The program three strategic points, according to the website:

  • GSA works in providing and protecting safe havens – in places like Jordan, the Nineveh plains, Iraq and many more.

GSA is supporting those works who are engaged with the displaced and marginalized, providing education, medical care, food, water, clothing, shelter and the basic necessities of life as well as trauma care and counseling. With hope for either return or resettlement, the numbers and need are staggering. Living in a modern day “Oscar Schindler List” moment, GSA is working to fulfill a call for a humanitarian effort of epic and historical proportions. 

  • GSA is working with immigration services – both globally and domestically, working with the UNHCR, US State Department, United States Congress and nation states worldwide, such as Canada, Spain, Philippines, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

GSA is co-sponsored legislation in Congress, a Bill, H.R. 1568 the “Protecting Religious Minorities Persecuted by ISIS Act of 2015.” GSA has also spoken out at the United Nations by co-hosting “The Persecution of Christians and Jews Globally: A Threat to International Peace and Security” and continues to speak out in the media on behalf of our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.        

  • GSA is uniting the church (Body of Christ) in a global awakening with a “Call to Action” to become knowledgeable of the plight of the persecuted church while providing practical ways of how to help in various ways, from prayer vigils to financial support. This effort will coincide with a media play including articles, blogs, magazines, television, radio, emails, direct mail, social media, advertising, partnerships and much more.      

“I believe that the church needs to wake up, and we need to revive that which is about to die. The very church, the body of Christ, is being eliminated in the Middle East, and the very cradle of Christianity, is being wiped off the map,” Jessip said.

“And if the rest of the Christian body does not awaken at this time and begin to move by the power of God’s Holy Spirit and take action to help these people, we will answer for that one day,” he added. “We have to do everything that we possibly can.”

I agree that Christians should be welcomed into a Christian land before Muslims. If the Church does not care for its own, who will?

As for the Obama admnistration’s actions toward selecting Muslims over Christians and the current political swirl over whether or not he is a Muslim and whether or not a Muslim ought to be president, the issue seems to be right in our face. Obama was designated as an Islamist as a boy, wore Islamic garb and participated in Islamic worship as a grown man, claims the US is “one of the biggest Muslim nations,” and has committed treason by providing aid and comfort to America’s enemies. Though his ridiculous and blasphemous claim of being a Christian has been known, I ask you America, what is the fruit of what he engages in? Is it Christian? Or is it closer aligned with Islam? I think the answer is clear.

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