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As We Are Told That The Virus Is Now “Raging,” Another Governor Exposed For Hypocrisies At Bar

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Published on: December 17, 2020

“Hypocrisy is the audacity to preach integrity from a den of corruption.”

Friends, I have to say that I do not know how many different times and ways I have to explain to the people of this country that these governors and mayors that are demanding that Americans shut down their businesses, wear masks, stay home, etc. are ALL unconstitutional.  In other words, they do not have the delegated power from the people to do what they are doing (Psalm 94:20)!

What is also bewildering is the fact that the people do not see the blatant hypocrisy here (Matthew 23:3).

These politicians suggest that the people must comply.  Yet, they do not practice what they preach. If the virus, which they cannot prove, is “raging,” then why is it that they are not taking precautionary measures? They know that this is a fraud.  Just ask them by what they do (Matthew 7:16).

If that is not good enough for you to understand these fraudsters for who they are, how would you like it to be exposed for what it is (Jeremiah 5:21)?

Do As I Unconstitutionally Say, But Do Not Do As I Hypocritically-Criminally Do! More Corrupt Politicians Playing Political Theatre

Adding insult to another injury here, Fox News reported:

Democratic governor encourages people to stay home, gets caught out at wine bar

The governor of Rhode Island is facing backlash this week after she was photographed at a wine and paint night just days after she had discouraged inessential activities to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Oliver as told the station that backlash over the photo was blown out of proportion because Raimondo had only taken off the mask to drink her wine.

Still, others felt that Raimondo’s actions were hypocritical, given that four days prior she urged Rhode Islanders in a tweet to “stay home except for essential activities & wear a mask anytime you’re with people you don’t live with.”

Susan Goodman, a Providence resident, told WLNE that the governor “shouldn’t even be at an event like that.”

“You can drink wine at home. I’m an experienced wine drinker Gina, do it at home,” Goodman said.

In conclusion: If the American people really wanted peace and resolve (Isaiah 51:4), do you really believe that they would sit back for 9 months and watch politician after politician play the hypocrites with their blood-bought freedoms? I think not!

The fact of the matter is that by their actions, which speak louder than words, they do not even believe what it is that they are selling to the people.

Another One Comes Forward “CBS Reporter: Virus Is One Of The Greatest Frauds!

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