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#AskTheExperts – Shemirani, Corbett, Madej & Kaufman – The Vaccine Rollout Has Begun, Here’s What You’re Not Being Told!

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Published on: December 12, 2020

So, the rushed through Big Pharma “solution” of a vaccine for the CONvid-1984 was rolled out this past week, and while many are praising it, there are still those in the medical community that have serious concerns about these vaccines from different pharmaceutical companies who are protected under color of law against any “adverse effects” that might occur to those who receive them. The Sons of Liberty’s health and wellness expert Kate Shemirani, Dr. Kevin Corbett, Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Andrew Kaufman join me in this episode to talk about what the media and government won’t.

#AskTheExperts – Doctors, Nurses & Health Care Professionals From Around The World: “The COVID Vaccine Is Neither Safe Nor Effective” (Video)

Previous shows mentioned. Many of the documents and videos mentioned are archived at the first link below.

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“Over 400 patients suddenly all became ill with mystery illness that included convulsions, nausea, anxiety, loss of consciousness. Water source negative. Interesting to know that CV vx trials were being conducted in that very area in India in late October/November. The second dose would have been given about the time of the symptoms. FB fact checkers will likely say Coincidence.” -Dr. Carrie Madej, see video below.

Dr. Madej also points out, “Pfizer’s vx protocol does not record many things as side effects from the vx- they list them as “not applicable “- cardiovascular events and death I would think are pretty important and are not counted.”

“Day 57 of Moderna’s phase II study – only 29 of 85 research subjects followed up. What happened to them? They just said lost to follow up,” Madej added.

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