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Astonishing Contrast: U.S. Youth Vs. Israeli Youth

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Published on: March 23, 2015

Stunned by defeat and still licking its considerable wounds in the wake of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upset landslide re-election, the radical left, anti-Zionist Haaretz has published a lengthy article on the group most responsible for Netanyahu’s win: the young.

It is a striking piece.

Haaretz summed it up this way: Israel’s youth voted in overwhelming numbers for Netanyahu because of “security, security, security – and distrust of Arabs [that is, Muslims], the left and media.”

In the United States of America, this very group delivered a fraud, a liar and America-hater into the Oval Office, not once but twice. Despite joblessness, nationalized mandatory health care that they must pay for, the explosion of jihad, Benghazi, American youth (the poo generation) without thought or consideration elected the most anti-American and dangerous president in American history.

American youth have been systematically misled and misinformed about the grave threats we face. The public school system has long since moved away from teaching the three Rs. Instead, it’s inculcation and dogma. Critical thinking, once fundamental to American education, is discouraged, punished even. Junk science, environmentalism and other such nonsense have replaced the essentials.

Israel’s youth have no such illusions. They live with the threat of annihilation. Genocide against their people, their name, are ululated over and over again by their surrounding neighbors.

What a breath of fresh air to listen to these young Israelis explain why they voted for Netanyahu and reject the fascist hippie elders. I am enormously impressed with how articulate and well-informed these young people are.

Similar interviews in the states are almost embarrassing to listen to. Young people who supported Obama sounded like idiots voting for their favorite contestant on “American Idol.”

Nineteen-year-old Linoy Aharon, who is at present doing national service, explained: “I voted for the first time, choosing Likud since he [Netanyahu] is the most worthy person to lead the country at present. Herzog is unworthy of leading – he would create a leftist government together with the [Arab] Joint List; in addition, he wouldn’t hold up to international pressure by Obama and others with regard to an agreement with the Palestinians. He might divide the country and we’ve seen what happened every time Israel conceded territory in exchange for ‘peace’ – the area becomes a Hamas terror center.”

That is absolutely true, and amazing that a 19-year-old would know it, since the international media, the U.N., Obama and the Israeli left have done all they could for years to obscure it. And despite the Obama-led smear campaign against Netanyahu, Aharon added: “Netanyahu is a judicious and experienced person who knows his job. He doesn’t buckle under international pressure and knows how to stand up for this country’s principles when the world creates difficulties for us. I saw the opinion polls which indicated that there would be a tight race between Netanyahu and Herzog, so I voted Likud, since a right-wing government needs people’s support in order to overcome any leftist government, which would have brought about a disaster. I’m glad the right won and hope for a better future for this country.”

Eighteen-year-old Elina Rabinovich said: “I voted for Likud wholeheartedly yesterday. Israel is not Switzerland – we’re always surrounded, always attacked and I don’t think the situation can ever be perfect and rosy, not even close to it. That’s why I knew I would vote for the rightist bloc.”

Valeria Petrova, 17, also spoke about voting because of concern for Israel’s security: “Why would I choose Likud? I wanted to put my trust in a party that considers security as the foremost issue, a party that promises not to divide Jerusalem and ensures that the Iranian threat is removed. I don’t succumb to cheap slogans made by expensive consultants, but really believe we must maintain an undivided country, especially after all we went through to attain it.” She added: “And beyond that? Let’s break the stigma attached to rightists. It’s not that the cost of living isn’t painful for me. It’s not that I don’t see the poor. It’s not that I’m a meat-eating chauvinist who doesn’t care about social issues. But if we don’t even have a state, how will we worry about the other issues?”

Shlomi Suliman, 18, said: “I decided to vote Likud since that is what I grew up with at home. Every family member I asked said: “Bibi.” As a right wing supporter I decided to vote Likud since the party embraces all my beliefs, opinions and values. Likud is the only party that can protect Israel, in my view. I couldn’t vote for a left-wing party with a name not connected to Zionism.” Likewise Rinat Nisanov, 22, who added: “I support Likud since Bibi is a responsible leader who loves the people of Israel. Security issues are the most important issues now.”

The young people in Israel saved that country.

The young people in America set us on the path to ruin.


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