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At What Point Is It That They Become Ashamed? According To Q Anon-sense, JFK Jr. Was To Come Out On The 4th Of July As Running Mate To Donald Trump

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Published on: July 7, 2021

On January 19, 2021, I had written: “Those who mean to destroy through lies will be destroyed by the truth.”

While preaching in Michigan this last week, I had an individual ask me my thoughts on ‘Q-Anon’ (Luke 19:10).

Although ‘Q-Anon’ has been forecasting promises un-fulfilled (smoke and mirrors) for years, I was a little taken back that there were still those who were hanging on to this obvious psyop that has taken place in America today.  Then again, this does explain why these people are hopeless and confused (Psalm 18:21; Daniel 9:7).

This only works with people when they put their trust in men and speculation as desired outcome rather than having their faith in Christ (Jeremiah 11:13; 1 Corinthians 15:58).

Leading The People To Empty Promises: ‘Q-Anon’ Just Another Psyop To Keep You Distracted

Therefore, and up to date, this next Trumped-up story, and a story it is (No pun intended), is premised at the point of lunacy.

On the 4th of July 2021, JFK Jr., who was killed in a airplane crash along with his wife and her sister on July 16 of 1999, was to appear on the American scene as running mate to that of Donald Trump in 2024.

Q Anonsense believes that he is an avid Trump supporter and has been hiding in Pennsylvania for two decades.

Rolling Stone Magazine reported that according to supporters of the pro-Trump conspiracy theory Q Anon, JFK Jr. is not only alive and well, but also that he plans to emerge from his 20-year hiatus from public life by coming out and supporting Trump as his running mate in 2020. Moreover, they believe that a guy in Pittsburgh named Vincent Fusca is actually JFK Jr. in disguise, and they have made T-shirts promoting this belief.

The Daily Beast reported (Not that I trust the integrity of either one of these outlets) Q Anon, the Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theorists, Now Believe JFK Jr. Faked His Death to Become Their Leader

Believers used to think someone close to Trump was leaving them clues to the president’s plan to defeat the deep state. Now they’ve got an even crazier idea.

In conclusion: Q Anon is nothing more than a military psyop that has been created to keep people distracted while neutralizing them into believing that someone else will do for them what it is that God has commanded them to do (James 2:14-26).

Leading The People To Empty Promises: ‘Q-Anon’ Just Another Psyop To Keep You Distracted

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