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Atheist Cosmologists Cling to the Big Bang Theory Despite Evidence

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Published on: June 23, 2017

I have been transfixed with cosmology since I was a kid. As a result I have tried to keep afoot of the latest discoveries and studies in the area of theoretical physics. The current dominating theory is that of the Big Bang inflationary model that predicts an expanding universe. This model is the preferred model, especially among atheist cosmologist because it, and only it, allows for billions of years of creation that culminates in life through the evolutionary process. The problem with this theory is that it has become a pet theory based on outdated hypothesis, that are bitterly being clinged too by gate-keeper “physicists” that hate God more than they love unbiased, scientific truth.

Big Bang Fraud

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The latest breach in the wall of the Standard Model bandwagon came from an article in Scientific America called “Pop Goes the Universe” which stated “inflationary cosmology lies outside the scientific method.” Reading the article you see the 33 physicists tried to refute this claim by saying that “no one claims that inflation is certain,” which laughably has to be the weakest argument ever proposed in the history of debates. In fact it sounds more like a concession towards the failure of the Standard Model rather than a proper rebuttal.

“The physicists’ paper elicited a response from a group of 33 physicists, including Stephen Hawking and Lawrence Krauss. Even though they conceded that “no one claims that inflation has become certain,” they noted that they “disagree with a number of statements” in the original Scientific American article. By claiming that inflationary cosmology lies outside the scientific method, IS&L are dismissing the research of not only all the authors of this letter but also that of a substantial contingent of the scientific community,” the physicists wrote. “Moreover, as the work of several major, international collaborations has made clear, inflation is not only testable, but it has been subjected to a significant number of tests and so far has passed every one.” (


This is a huge admission on the part of the scientists(IS&L) that wrote Pop Goes the Universe, and they are exactly right, nobody has a time-machine that can go back and observe the early universe. Observation is the crux of the scientific method, nobody has observed the beginnings of the universe, thus nobody can say with certainty what the early universe looked like or was composed of. Yet despite this elementary fact, it created controversy among the hypersensitive scientific establishment.


The Big Bang or the Big Lie?

We have to ask why is it so many atheists have come to dominate the field of cosmology, and why are they all so sensitive to evidence that disrupts their inflationary paradigm? The simple reason is that is where the money is, money provided for by the U.S. government.

Many people think that telescopes, satellites, and a variety of cosmic ray detectors that are used by universities and laboratories to probe the night sky are funded by private foundations and donations. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the National Science Foundation or NSF funds up to 50% or more of all research conducted. If you look on their website it says right there that they offer funding for only Standard Model research.

“The Astrophysics and Cosmology Theory program supports proposals that primarily are involved with theoretical particle astrophysics and big-bang cosmology as well as more speculative string theory inspired cosmologies. Understanding the quarks to cosmos connection has been a recent focus of the program as well as better understanding the implications of the fluctuation spectra of the cosmic microwave background.  The cosmology and astrophysics research supported by the program is usually associated with people with training in particle theory and encompasses dark matter, dark energy, high energy cosmic rays as well as exotic cosmologies arising from Brane-world and String Theory scenarios. Cosmology and Astrophysics not covered by the above topics is supported by the Astronomy Program in MPS.” (

The only money available is for any kind of research that perpetuates the lies of the Big Bang theory. Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Black holes, off-world planets, gravitons, are all purely speculative without a shred of evidence to back any of it up. It is simply there to patch the massive holes in the Standard Model data. Yet there it is in black and white the NSF “primarily funds big bang cosmology.”  The same goes for research foundations like the Carnegie foundation and others. Money is only available for speculative drivel that seemingly still gives life to a failed cosmological model. Dark Matter and Dark Energy have been dreamed up because the experimental data and equations showing inflation are impossible, and so to fudge the data they invent the concept of invisible undetectable energy that fuels the rate of inflation. It is pure hogwash.

In a nutshell, the rate galaxies are moving away from us is measured by their Red Shift, meaning that objects moving away from us throw off a Doppler effect red shift in the measureable light. This red shift is how we get Hubble’s Law and the equations that determine how many light years there are between us and objects in space. As a result we get the 14 Billion year estimates for the age of the Universe. The problem is that there are observable anomalies that disrupt this connection between red shift and distance.  The use of Red Shift data as a constant to measure distance may prove to be wholly flawed. One man’s work and research into Quasars demonstrated this and created what is called the Red Shift Controversy. You can read about the research and findings of Halton Arp here. So while mainstream science uses this Red Shift data as a constant to show the size and distance of galaxies it could very well be completely inaccurate. If proven inaccurate the billions of year narrative and also the light years of distance completely falls apart. Thus all of Evolutionary theory falls apart without the billions of years. Halton Arp is one of the most notable Big Bang detractors, but more and more scientists are starting to question the Big Bang, and recognizing it as a failed model. This has been slow, because any scientist worth their salt knows that to poke holes in the standard model is career suicide. The dogma on this subject has become that entrenched due to the money involved.



We have to recognize that there are two kinds of sciences that get grant money. There is the engineering sciences that focus on developing technologies based on observable properties of the present universe. Then, there is the theoretical sciences that speculates on unobservable conditions of the early universe.  These two major divisions in scientific research and funding are critical to understanding how government uses one to create an environment for the other to push technology to its ethical limits.

You see the U.S. government like all governments naturally bend towards atheism, and a anti-God perspective. This is because governments are always doing unethical, immoral, and totally dehumanizing things. Therefore the U.S. government takes an anti-God stance based on research they fund that perpetuates the immorality of scientific research and government overreach. If one branch of science says there is no God, and we live in a causeless universe then engineers and biologists, and nuclear physicists are free to create technology without moral limits. More nuclear bombs, more munitions and weaponry, more genetic modification and cloning and gene-splicing, and more spying and tracking technologies. The grey area of technological progress widens because the scientific priest class who admittedly knows less than 5% about our observable universe say there is no God. That is a lot of unknowns, but that doesn’t stop atheist cosmologist from making emphatic statements to the existence of God.

So you can see why government is so involved in scientific research, especially theoretical research that supports this Standard Model of a Big Bang and billions of years. It removes God from the equation giving them free reign to develop real, but highly immoral science. In short, the NSF has become nothing more than an elaborate atheist propaganda system that is cloaked in the nilhism of theoretical sciences.

There is a serious problem when research is tainted by money in favor of a particular outcome. This is not the scientific method. Cosmology and other speculative sciences like Geology with their carbon dating rely on supposed constants that are in question to date the universe and the age of the universe. All that has really happened is instruments have been calibrated using information that can be stretched to give a particular outcome. In essence, these constants are simply a rubber ruler used by scientist to get the billions of years necessary for life to evolve on earth.

There is a serious chicken or egg problem with current scientific funding. Which came first the atheists to cosmology or the money that attracted them demanding they report their findings in a billion year model. I say the money was available, and the scientist have been forever perpetuating this fallacy because they want to cozy up to the money instead of the truth. Please Sign-up for our Newsletter and Like us on Facebook, for updates!

The Bible encourages real science, that isn’t warped by money to formulate a particular anti-God viewpoint. In Job we read, how we are to use observable science to learn about creation,

“But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee: Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee. Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the LORD hath wrought this? In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.” Job 12:7-10

If we are honest, the majesty of creation, the intelligence, the organization, the laws, life itself all speak of a great designer. It really is to bad many scientist prefer the money and purposely ignore these things compromising their integrity. So when we wonder why there is an explosion of evil in this world, it is because we have people that are willfully ignoring God’s handiwork, and pushing a false narrative to justify their unethical technologies and actions. Truly science has blinded us all, clouding truth, obscuring data, and hiding facts, and the future will only suffer because of it the longer we allow Big Money to debase scientific findings.

Article posted with permission from Wake the Church

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