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Atheist Group Wants Air Force General Court Martialed for Publicly Proclaiming Faith in Jesus Christ

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Published on: May 19, 2015

Over the last several months, we have seen several military personnel face disciplinary action for exercising their Christian faith.  Because these men and women, in the exercise of their duty, overtly or covertly expressed their faith, they have faced prosecution.  It has been my view that these persecutions, I mean prosecutions, have been used to drive Christians out of the military.  The thinking is that if these people were punished for being faithful, they would be silenced or forced to leave.  Now, we see the same thing happening with General Craig Olson.

Christian News reports:

A group that works to separate God from the military has written a letter to Air Force officials to demand that an Air Force general who spoke about his Christian faith at this year’s National Day of Prayer event be court martialed for his “unforgivable crimes.”

Major Gen. Craig Olson was among a number of distinguished guests at the Washington, D.C. observance on May 7, and presented a 20-minute speech about his personal testimony and the power of prayer.

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The problem that these people have is that they do not like that an officer is publicly promoting sectarian faith.  It would have been okay if he, like our apostate president, would have promoted praying to the flavor of the day, god of your choice.  They would have said nothing had he attended and spoke of a national need for prayer.  But this man stood and proclaimed that he had a personal faith, and that is not allowed.

Fox reports that the letter says:

“This demand letter is sent to you on behalf of countless members of the United States Air Force who are utterly disgusted and shocked by the brazenly illicit and wholly unconstitutional, fundamentalist Christian proselytizing recently perpetrated, on international television (“GOD TV”), and streaming all over the Internet and in full military uniform, by USAF Major General Craig S. Olson on Thursday, May 7, 2015 during a VERY public speech for a private Christian organization (The “National Day of Prayer Task Force”: NDPTF) headed up by Focus on the Family founder, Dr. James Dobson’s, wife Shirley Dobson. ”

There is something that I need to point out that many might have missed.  These left-wing nut-bags were not at the NDPFT event.  They did not have a relative or close friend in attendance when the speech was made.  No, these fools were watching the event on television.  This group, having an agenda to destroy faith in the military, had to go out of their way to be offended.  These intolerant people want to find reasons to attack the “intolerant” evangelicals.

May God deliver General Olson from this hateful persecution.  And when He does, and we know that He will, may He punish these wicked people for their wicked action.


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