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Authors: The Culture that Allows Abortion is the same one that leads to Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing & Democide

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Published on: January 3, 2015

Would you say that mankind is progressing, growing wiser with the passing of time and getting better or would you say that mankind is regressing, growing ever more destructive with the passing of time and becoming worse than in previous historical times? If you said the latter, you would be in agreement with the authors of “The Race to Save Our Century: Five Core Principles to Promote Peace, Freedom, and a Culture Of Life,” John Zmirak and Jason Jones. In their book, Zmirak and Jones points out that the last 100 years were the deadliest in human history with 133 million individuals who were slaughtered through “democide” or death by government. According to the two co-authors, this next century could be even deadlier.

Zmirak and Jones laid out the reasons for the triumph of totalitarianism full of eugenics, genocide and total war over the principles of humane civilization in the 20th century to CBN news. According to the co-authors, it came about “because modern secular philosophy had undermined the core principles of the moral law that the Judeo-Christian civilization had relied upon for centuries.” Zmirak contended this allowed a “culture of death to flourish” resulting in a century of governments slaughtering their own citizens. Jones warned that Americans should not think their country too civilized and immune from the threat of the barbarism that is democide. He suggested that Americans should consider how average individuals around them have killed America’s most vulnerable and innocent citizens through abortion.

“Abortion I would say is the rock foundation of the culture of death,” Jones said.

Jones asserts that violence in the womb cannot help but spread out beyond the womb.

Jones believes this not through just the study of history but through a very personal experience. Jones related the story of his girlfriend becoming pregnant. Together, they decided on a plan where Jones would enter the Army to care for his girlfriend and their child. After two days of basic training, Jones received a phone call where he was told by the father of his girlfriend that they had taken her to have an abortion. Being extremely upset, Jones went to his superior officer demanding the police be called since his baby was murdered. The officer informed Jones that abortion was legal. It was at that point that Jones committed his life to ending abortion.

Both co-authors believe the culture of death that “allows abortion is the same one that leads to genocide, ethnic cleansing, and governments murdering their own citizens.”

Zmirak contended that before this culture of death took over the world 100 years ago, most of mankind believed civilization to be trending upward.

“A hundred years ago, the world was at peace. In Western Europe, you didn’t need a passport to go from country to country. There was vast technological progress,” Zmirak explained.

“Everyone thought that the 20th century would be an era of peace, progress, international tranquility, and wealth. Then one archduke got shot in Austria and 20 million people died,” he continued. “And then 20 years later that war laid the groundwork for another war in which 60 million people died.”

Jones believes humanity could be headed down the same path now.

“From Ebola to the border crisis to Russia invading Ukraine, to the war in Israel to the ethnic cleansing of Christians across the Middle East, we see the same things happening today in our world that were happening 100 years ago with the Bolshevik Revolution, the Armenian genocide and World War I,” he warned.

While outlining the reasons for their suppositions, the co-authors outline five basic or core principles they think people, “any rational good-hearted person of good will,” could accept that could save the world from a “vast, bloody re-run.” Zmirak insists these principles correspond with the “natural law that Saint Paul said is written on the human heart.”

One principle is the acknowledgment that “there is a natural, God-given law.” In the words of Zmirak, “the existence of a transcendent moral order that is higher than any secular law, which can tell you that segregation or abortion or apartheid is intrinsically evil regardless of what the Supreme Court or the dictator or secret police says.”

Both men declared the Supreme Court, in their 1992 abortion case decision, removed this “transcendent moral order” by making man the ultimate authority indicating that “it was up to each human to decide what is life and death.”

The Court wrote in Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania vs. Casey: “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe and of the mystery of human life.”

So much for godly authority. If you decide a human is not a human, then they’re not.

The authors state this leads to the need for the next principle – “accepting the infinite dignity and worth of each human person.”

In their book, the authors stated, “We must reaffirm the founding truth of humanism – that every human being is important, unique, and dignified; he or she deserves the same reverence we demand for ourselves.”

Jones stated that with the “continual denial of the incomparable dignity of the human person, we will see everything that we take for granted disappear.”

Both agree that another core principle to save our century is a return to small decentralized government “that’s close, responsive, and accountable to its citizens.” Zmirak characterizes large centralized governments that butt into everyone’s business and tries to be the “problem-solver” and the attender to every need as “the wiper of every runny nose.” He states that in order to be that, government grows and steps into that role which leads to the government exerting ever more control over the people thereby crushing a free society.

According to Jones, “the next world war is going to be much shorter and immensely more violent. It’s unimaginable.”

There is much truth in what these two co-authors contend. Secular society has now decided it knows better than God as many seek to remove God and the moral laws completely from existence in order to make room for the “law of man.” The “law of man” determines who has dignity and worth, who is fit to live and who should be slated to die because of some perceived “unworthiness.” Who gave man the authority to make such omnipotent decisions? Certainly, not God. God does not relinquish His authority – man has chosen to usurp it. Who is man to determine who is human and who is not? That authority has not been delegated to man. Again, man has usurped that authority.

Those who are in denial of the evilness of the “rule of man” might have a different take should one of their own be slated for slaughter or themselves be chosen to be exterminated because of some “man’s” decision they were unworthy to exist because of a perception. But, it is the age old “it can’t happen to me” or “it’ll never happen here” mentality. Isn’t it already happening here with certain individuals calling for the murders of others based on race? These individuals advocate genocide of others based on “their” usurped authority that a certain race is unworthy of existence. What happens when advanced age becomes the next measure of worthiness or for that matter productivity? What if “man” determines those with disabilities are unworthy of existence? While this may sound far-fetched, the “rule of man and his laws” are ever changing and what is worthy today may be unworthy tomorrow. It has already been determined that the youngest of the young, the unborn, are unworthy of life and eligible to be exterminated.

It has already been seen in history with religion in Nazi Germany and is being played out across the Middle East. Race has been indicated as a criteria in other parts of the world along with political affiliation.

How far has humanity fallen? How much farther must humanity fall?

We are all God’s children, made in His image, and one people under Him. It is His authority that has determined that everyone has dignity, worth, and value. He has determined that all are worthy of existence. It is God’s law that remains just, righteous and unwavering. It is about time that “man” recognized his place as God’s Creation subject to His law instead of trying to behave as a god authority.

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