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Bangladesh: Catholic Bishop Says Muhammad Cartoons Are ‘An Unforgivable Injustice’

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Published on: November 8, 2020

Submission and surrender in response to violent threats only encourages more violent threats.

“Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)

“President Cancels Prelate on Mocking Islam,” by Jules Gomes,, November 5, 2020:

PARIS ( – A prominent French bishop is bowing to Islam’s blasphemy law and defending censorship of cartoons of Muhammad following the slaughter of three Catholics in Nice’s Notre-Dame Basilica by a Muslim jihadi.

Arguing that the French republic’s value of “fraternity” is stronger than its values of “liberty or equality,” Toulouse archbishop Robert Jean Louis Le Gall, O.S.B. is insisting on “limits to freedom of expression because of the claims of fraternity.”

The archbishop’s remarks on radio France Bleu Occitanie broadcast Friday has sparked outrage among French Catholics and secularists who are comparing the prelate’s acquiescence to Islam’s blasphemy law with French President Emmanuel Macron’s uncompromising refusal to surrender to Islamic Sharia….

“Archbishop Robert Le Gall is signaling that violent intimidation works and that means he is only going to get more of it,” world-renowned Islamic expert Robert Spencer told Church Militant.

“If France at any point in the future becomes a Sharia state that enforces blasphemy laws and subjugates Christians as second-class and inferior, Robert Le Gall can stand up and take a bow,” noted Spencer, author of the newly-published Mass Migration in Europe: A Model for the U.S.?, which exposes Muslim no-go zones in France.

Spencer explained:

By encouraging threats meant to enforce Sharia blasphemy laws, Le Gall is doing all he can to bring about such a France. In doing so, he is pulling against President Macron, who has made it abundantly clear he will defend France as a free society that protects free speech. Future generations may regard the agnostic Macron as a greater defender of the Faith than Abp. Le Gall, whose submission and surrender would condemn future generations of Catholics to precarious lives of cowering before their Sharia-enforcing overlords.

In his radio interview, Le Gall insisted that people do not “have the right to insult religions” and “religions cannot be mocked, (because) we see the results.”

The archbishop said that cartoons of Muhammad “are considered an insult to Muslims and Christians alike and they should not be spread further,” when asked if it was right for the caricatures to be shown to schoolchildren.

“Sometimes we put fuel on the fire through Charlie Hebdo cartoons,” he commented, “because these cartoons are against Muslims, but they are also against the Christian religion.”

“Religions are not made fun of with impunity. We cannot afford to make fun of religions; we see the results of this,” he reiterated….

However, the prelate’s critics were quick to note that Le Gall has until now never condemned blasphemies against Christianity or Judaism in the French media….

Other bishops joined in the anti-free speech chorus against the cartoons. “Freedom of expression ‘is sacred in France,’” said Bp. André Marceau of Nice, “but this does not mean that we must support the spread of vulgar and offensive cartoons, such as those made on Islam and the Catholic Church by Charlie Hebdo.”

“How can the quintessence of the French spirit reside in vulgarity and malevolence? By laughing sarcastically at what matters most to another citizen, are we putting ourselves on an equal footing?” asked Abp. Jean Legrez of Albi. “Freedom of expression should never make fun of the respect due to the beliefs of others.”

Vice president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Bangladesh (CBCB) Bp. Gervas Rozario said Charlie Hebdo “has committed an unforgivable injustice by publishing caricatures of Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam.”…

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

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