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Barack Obama is Entitled to His Own Opinion, but not His Own Facts

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Published on: January 7, 2017

When was the last time you saw a United States President acting like such a petulant child, or act with such recklessness and malice for the safety and wellbeing of the country and the people he just presided over for eight years? The closest thing that comes to mind for me, is when the Clinton administration did thousands of dollars in damage to the White House on their way out, ripped the “W” key off all the keyboards (a stab at George “W” Bush), and even stole are and furniture on their way out. Democrats: Always classy…

What was it Michelle Obama obnoxiously said not too long ago? Wasn’t it, “When they go low, we go high?” Yes, I think that was it. Apparently the high road only applies to trash like the Obama’s when they are convinced they’ve sufficiently rigged the outcome of a given scenario, in which case their definition of going “high” Is really just a means patronize their opponent with their dis-ingenuousness and their contempt, rather than any shred of class or humility.

After eight years of abject failure at every level, Barack Obama has saved his very worst for last. Instead of deferring to the next president on important matters, Obama has chosen to implement a “scorched earth policy” during his final month in the White House, and the inferno is just starting to burn. I suspect we’re not even half way through his first act yet.

In the following video I ask the reader, in a world where Iran has become the first country to arrest American military personnel since the end of World War II, stripping our sailors of their uniforms, and then videotaping them in tears for the entire whole world to see, and in a world where there are several hundred thousand dead Syrians, a completely destabilized Libya, an increasingly aggressive Chinese military, and heightening tensions with Russia, if there is ANY rational reason for the world to be going after Israeli settlements right this moment? Of course the answer is no.

John Kerry said this past week that if Israel does not accept a two-state solution “it will not have peace with the rest of the Arab world, I can guarantee that.” Kerry also shockingly claimed that “Israel can either be Jewish or democratic”… In the video below, I ask John “Rambo” Kerry and his supporters, if by that same flawed logic, the world can then safely assume that a state also cannot be Islamic and Democratic at the same time? To say anything to the contrary would by total hypocrisy, and it would shine a bright light on the Obama administration’s long history of anti-Semitism not just for the American people to finally see for what it is, but also for the whole world to see.

The video then goes on to continue to shred several aspects of recent decisions by Obama, and concludes by issuing a very stark warning about the weeks to come leading up to Inauguration Day.

Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand.

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