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Barack Obama Finally Reaches “Historic” Status – Just Not The Way He Touts It

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Published on: June 11, 2015

From the day Barack Obama landed on the world stage, the administration has been touting nearly everything he’s done as being “historic.” While most conservatives are left scratching their collective heads at this claim, I, for one, have finally accepted it. The President made some astonishing statements last week, and they’ve finally won me over.

That’s right; Barack Obama has never been about divisive politics. In fact, quite the contrary. This is a President who accepts alternative points of view much in the same way Bruce Jenner accepts his biological status as a man. How could we forget his campaign speech where he urged his supporters to “get in the face of their neighbors and argue with them?” Who could possibly characterize that as divisive?

Then, there was the time when he told Latino voters to “punish their enemies, and reward their friends,” now that was a real kumbaya moment for sure. In fact, I still get a warm fuzzy over that one. And let’s not forget about the American citizens who think that climate change is a scam. The “great uniter” likes to portray you as members of the flat earth society, and of course, you all think the moon is made of cheese. I know, he’s also a very mature person…..right?

So, we know that he’s been a very healing person here at home, but what about the rest of the world? Remember that one of the aspects of this President that was most appealing to liberal voters in 2008, was how he was going to bring the world together. He apologized to Europe, the Middle East, and to South America for his evil predecessor. In a recent speech that sounded like “mission accomplished,” the wizard of smart actually said this.

Can’t you just feel the love pouring in from around the globe? You can’t? Neither can I. Just in the past few weeks alone we’ve had Russian fighter jets aggressively buzzing an American Navy destroyer, China calling the United States irresponsible, and our good friends in Iran insisting they will take over our country and institute Sharia law. Now if that’s not love, well, then I don’t know what is. Let’s take a look at just a few other examples of how the rest of the world is embracing us in this newly transformed America.

  • Germany – Caught spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel. Germany expelled our CIA station chief in Berlin.
  • Poland – Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski accused the Obama Administration of betrayal, saying, “Our mistake was that by accepting the American offer of a [missile defense] shield we failed to take into account the political risk associated with a change of president.… We paid a high political price. We do not want to make the same mistake again.
  • Russia – Oh where to start? The US/Russian relationship is at an all-time post-cold war low. From the famed “reset” button, to Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine and Crimea, Obama looks weak, and Putin know it.
  • Saudi Arabia – Refused to meet with Obama at Camp David recently. Where’s that coalition we keep hearing so much about?
  • Israel – We don’t even need to go over this one, it’s only a 2 hour program.

I remember the first time Barack Obama visited Africa. Again, this was billed as a “historic” event as well. After-all, this was the first African-American President, well, visiting Africa. The most memorable moment was when a reporter asked one of the local leaders about her excitement over the visit, because, you know, because this guy should mean so much more now that that stupid Bush guy was gone. The woman answered that “it’s always great to have a President of the United States visit, but that George Bush did far more for Africa than Obama ever has.” The look on the face of the reporter was priceless.

Here’s the bottom line. Obama has been touted as “post racial, the smartest President ever, the most transparent in history, blah, blah, blah. The reality is that he’s the “most racial, the most secretive, and far from the smartest. But there is definitely one thing about him that is historic. He’s the most dishonest President in the history of America. From not bowing, to having an uncle that liberated Auschwitz, nearly every single word that comes out of his mouth is a complete fabrication. In fact, when it comes to being historic, here are a few more examples:

So there you go, I guess when you break it all down, he is the most historic, just not in the same way he thinks he is.

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