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BBC Admits Peshawar Victim Photo is alleged Sandy Hook Victim Noah Pozner

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Published on: January 5, 2015

Yesterday we had two reports about the photo of Noah Pozner, who was reportedly killed at Sandy Hook, being circulated as a victim in the recent Taliban attack in Pakistan. Though the American mainstream media is not covering the story, and seemingly not interested in doing so, the BBC did acknowledge the story with a brief footnote in an article about a child’s bloody shoe (which has also been found to be misrepresentative of the attacks). The bloody shoe photo was taken at another place and time. 

Here is what the BBC had to say about Noah Pozner’s photo:

Meanwhile, another picture has been circulating online of victims of the Peshawar massacre – but the montage of images includes the photo of a young boy, Noah Pozner, who died in the Sandy Hook massacre in the United States in 2012.

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For this to be included as a simple footnote in an article is simply criminal. Where is the mainstream media on this?

How is it that Pozner’s photo is floating around Pakistan while being represented as the image of another child victim?

Who might the media be protecting?

Our biggest clue comes from a tweet sent out by an Editor of a Pakistani newspaper:

Who is Omar Quraishi?

According to his Twitter profile:

Editorial Pages Editor — The Express Tribune — 2013 Chevening South Asia Media Fellow — All views/RTs personal [email protected]

And What is the Express Tribune?

According to


The Express Tribune is the first internationally affiliated newspaper in Pakistan. Partnered with The International New York Times – the global edition of The New York Times – the paper caters to the modern face of Pakistan. With its groundbreaking layouts created by an international award winning designer, the paper offers a stimulating visual experience designed to make stories come alive on paper.

With a staff of acclaimed journalists, our mission is to defend the liberal values and egalitarian traditions we believe in, and which deserve to be upheld in writing that is both informative and insightful. The newspaper covers a variety of topics ranging from politics to the economy, foreign policy to investment and sports to culture.

The Express Tribune joins our other flagship media brands: the Daily Express – the only newspaper that is published on a daily basis from 11 cities across Pakistan; Express News, our leading Urdu news channel.

TRIBUNE.COM.PK is the online presence of The Express Tribune. Staffed with a team dedicated to bringing the latest news as events unfold, relies on its distributed team of news professionals who work 24 hours, 7 days a week to bring accurate and up to the minute news to its readers.

Considering that this is a premier news source in Pakistan, could it be that the tweet from Quraishi was meant as a retraction? Did that photo come to the Tribune courtesy of their partnership with The New York Times?

Or was the Express Tribune simply the first to notice the error?

An explanation is in order.

Regardless of their involvement, or lack of involvement, The Express Tribune likely knows the source of the photograph. And somehow despite the error, the image from the above montage was reproduced and found its way all over Pakistan.


Here is a stand alone photo of Sandy Hook Victim Noah Pozner which somehow found its way into the sea of victim’s photos (above) in Pakistan:


It would appear that the mainstream media is simply advancing stories that advance their unified liberal agenda while this story slowly fades into oblivion.

The American people, and for that matter the people of Pakistan, should not accept that reaction from those who are paid to investigate these things for us.

Was the New York Times responsible for putting the Pozner photo into the hands of the Express Tribune?

Would it be possible that our very own CIA is responsible for leaking this photo? It is no secret that the CIA routinely gets involved in shady operations involving Islamic nations. Did they have some kind of involvement in the Peshawar attacks or input into the media reporting of those attacks?

Maybe whoever made the montage of victims, seen in Quraishi’s tweet, is laughing as I write this. Was it a sick joke that someone slipped past the media? Did that image get cropped and then go viral in the real world? There are numerous possibilities.

Think what you will about Sandy Hook and the Peshawar attack, but if you don’t think a mistake of this magnitude warrants further investigation then you are everything world governments desire you to be…

…just another “useful idiot” who refuses to think for themselves.

Mistakes happen and there may be a very rational explanation.

But certain mistakes demand explanations and we are waiting.

Where are those “fair and balanced” guys when you really need them?


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