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Become Familiar With Vanuatu: This Nation Will Expose WHO & Gates

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Published on: March 27, 2022

How many people are familiar with the island nation of Vanuatu? It would behoove people to pay attention to this country located along the ring of fire in the South Pacific consisting of 13 principal islands and many smaller ones. Why? According to The Expose, the World Health Organization (WHO) and its dictator oligarch Bill Gates are attempting a power grab to take control of the island country, which gained its independence in 1980. How will the WHO seize the sovereignty of Vanuatu? Simple – through the WHO proposed “Pandemic Treaty” the organization wants all global nations to sign and participate.

According to Worldometer, Vanuatu – with a population of 319,505 – has had one Covid death, on 23 April 2021, during the entire two-year period mid-February 2020 to 24 March 2022. And Our World in Data concurs.  Yet on the 8 March 2022 Vanuatu suddenly implemented absurd stringency measures.

Vanuatu has four “Alert Levels” ranging from low (Level 0) to very high (Level 3).  The increase in the alert level is tied to the number of “cases” and last week the island nation went into Alert Level 3 nationwide lockdown. There are currently 4 people hospitalised of whom 2 are in critical condition, the Ministry of Health reported on Friday, 24 March.

Vanuatu received its first shipment of AstraZeneca Covid injections from COVAX on 19 May 2021, just a few days before it’s first and only recorded Covid death.  On receiving the news of the arrival of the vaccine, the Prime Minister Honourable Bob Loughman Weibur stated, “Vanuatu has been so fortunate to have been Covid-19-free for a long time.”

Our World in Data clearly shows that as the number of vaccinations increased so has the Covid cases. 

In examining this data, one can clearly surmise these preposterous lockdown measures are due to the injection, not a “virus”.

The people of Vanuatu realize they are on the verge of a massive power grab by the WHO through the proposed “Pandemic Treaty”, which will strip the island nation of its much valued independence and freedom. According to the report, the people believe Vanuatu will be used as a “test case” for the implementation of this “treaty”. Many of the ni-Vanuatu believe they will be the first country to lose its sovereignty before this “model” is implemented in other Pacific nations and expanded to include all global nations.

Andrew Napuat and John Salong, two of Vanuatu’s Parliament members, have voiced outrage at the plans of the WHO and its oligarch dictator Bill Gates.

For months the two MPs has been voicing concerns regarding Covid injections.  In October 2021, Andrew Napuat MP called for the health authorities to come out publicly with more information on the Covid injection.  In a video posted on YouTube, he spoke openly about the lack of information.  Citizens have the constitutional right to speak freely about the vaccine, he said.

John Salong MP has from the outset been an advocate for rights and freedoms. After  Vanuatu’s President invoked the Disaster Risk Management Act in July 2020 he posted on social media:  “We have entered a realm where people are content to sit by as policy is used to destroy our hard fought for freedoms. The state of emergency has become a tool to encroach [on] our constitutional freedoms.”

Salong has continued to speak out. “On 19 March 2022 Daily Post reported he condemned the action taken by Police in the northern town of Luganville prohibiting unvaccinated citizens from shopping or doing their daily chores.”

On March 16, 2022, Napuat and Salong released a joint press statement.

John Salong, MP (Ambrym Constituency) and Andrew Napuat, MP (Tanna Constituency), Parliament House, Republic of Vanuatu, PMB 9052, Port Vila – Vanuatu

16th March 2022


Vanuatu must not entertain any treaty to expand the powers of the WHO in Vanuatu in times of Pandemic in the near future,” said Andrew Napuat, MP for Tanna Constituency.

Vanuatu MPs have become aware of efforts of the World Council for Health (WCH) a coalition of scientists, doctors, lawyers, and civil society advocacy organisations opposing the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s moves to implement a power grab in the form of a global pandemic agreement.

The WHO must pack up and get out of Vanuatu now” said John Salong, MP for Ambrym Constituency.

The Port Vila Minister’s Fraternal, a network of Independent Church Pastors in Port Vila, Vanuatu have called on their congregation members to pray against Principalities, Powers, Spiritual Wickedness in High Places and Rulers of Darkness from challenging the sovereignty of Vanuatu.

The people of Vanuatu have suffered terribly from policy advice of the WHO in relation to Covid-19 since March 2020. The service sector which was 40% of the economy has practically collapsed. Around 50% of the population has been vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccines. Many of the vaccinated have had adverse reactions to the vaccines and turned to the pastors to pray for their respective healings.

People of Vanuatu have come to realise that Vanuatu has been captive to the WHO from March 2020 until March 2022. On the advice of the WHO adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines have not been recorded nor published by the Ministry of Health.

We have had a stomach full and do not need to continue being bound by the WHO rules”, said Job Andy, MP for Paama Constituency.

The MPs and Pastors recall the independence speech of the first PM, late Dr Walter H Lini who said in 1980 that “We are entitled to hope that we shall be able to exercise freedom of choice in other words Independence in the ways which we provide public services and change our society as we develop. At the same time, we have to face the fact that there may be external pressures on us both from large companies and foreign governments to conform to their ideas rather than our own where the two may differ.”

Here is an island nation that experienced a statistical zero percentage of the CONvid-1984 and one alleged CONvid-1984 death. Once the injection appeared and was stabbed into the arms of the Vanuatu people, catastrophe befell them. The population became ill exponentially from the injection and adverse reactions, hospitalizations increased – particularly intensive care stays, and their economy collapsed – all at a 50% injection rate of the population. In a nation that experienced a non-pandemic, it is battling now for its sovereignty, in addition to battling injection illness, all because of its government following some “global plan” designed to produce disaster. And, just like other nations, the individuals acting as law enforcement turned into the thug agents of the State. One has to wonder if these thug agents of the State in all global nations are being paid to oppress their neighbors. It would be hard to fathom that ALL these “law enforcement officers” all suffer from “NAZI brain” at the same time.

Where did Bill Gates obtain the authority to become dictator over the WHO? Where did the WHO obtain authority to become dictator over nations? Bill Gates bought that authority and the WHO usurped what was not in their authority. And for all practical purposes, the WHO is basically useless and therefore, unnecessary. It is up to each individual nation/country/State to decide how best to handle any illness outbreak. Besides, the WHO has attempted multiple times to contrive a “pandemic”. It succeeded this time because of the definition change of ‘pandemic’ and complicity of the media and governments to engage in fearmongering and propaganda.

The focus should now be on what happens in Vanuata. If the WHO and Gates are successful in that island nation, it will expose the plan and steps WHO and Gates will use against the rest of the world’s nations and its populations.

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