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These Beef Companies Will Not Comply With mRNA In Meat & One Company Won’t Give You Beef With Hormones Or Antibiotics Either!

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Published on: September 21, 2023

Big Pharma and Big Food have been conspiring to poison us in our food with preservatives, sugar and lots of additives that slowly kill us.  Since 2018, they have been adding mRNA poison to pork and now they have their sights on beef, and soon-to-follow vegetables and fruit.  However, one company is providing beef and will never put mRNA, antibiotics and hormones in the beef it provides to you and is an all-American company with all-American products.

This year, an all-American company launched a project that has been 27 years in the making and they claim that their beef is “guaranteed to be the most flavorful, most tender beef you have ever experienced!”

With nearly 300,000 acres of ranch land, this company set out to bring all-American beef to the table of families that do not want poisons in their food.  According to the company:

We’ve spent nearly three decades investing in superior Black Angus genetics, meticulously analyzing as many as 40 different genetic factors that affect the health, flavor, and tenderness of our beef. In dozens of cases, we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single cow because of the quality of the beef from these unique animals. These extremely unique and very expensive cows and bulls have provided the foundation of our Angus herd over the last 27 years, giving us a huge advantage over other Angus operations when it comes to tenderness and flavor.

The company controls the entire process from start to finish, including breeding, developing the animals every day of their lives, raising the feed that is fed to the animals, the actual harvesting of the animals, and the processing of the beef.

So, just what kind of quality do they provide and is it overpriced compared to competitors?

First, from the company:

The health and quality of life of our cattle have a significant impact on the quality of our product. Humane treatment of our cattle is an important part of providing your family with healthy, sustainable beef.

Raised With Their Mothers

Riverbend Ranch calves are born in the spring and stay with their mothers from the day they are born. They grow up romping on rangeland and spend their second year roaming free in high mountain meadows.

Never Ever Promise

We don’t use growth hormones to make our cattle grow faster. The superior genetics of our cow herd give our calves all of the advantage they need to mature naturally without growth hormones. When animals with good genetics are raised in open pastures there is no need to administer antibiotics to keep them healthy. That’s why we can make our Never Ever promise: our animals are NEVER EVER given growth hormones or antibiotics—guaranteed!

Compare the costs against the other national brands.

If you are interested in this company, its beef, and its all-American products, click here and someone will call you back to provide you information.

In addition, another company that provides clean beef, though it is shelf-stable freeze-dried meat for long-term storage instead of fresh beef such as the company above, has said they will also have nothing to do with putting mRNA in their meat.  In fact, Jason Nelson, CEO of Prepper All Naturals in Texas, said, “I’ll shut down the company before we ship a single bag with mRNA-injected meat.”

Vigilant News reports:

“That’s why we’re growing as quickly as possible, so we can achieve the buying power to produce large amounts. We’re relatively small now, but we want to have a surplus of tens of thousands of bags of beef before 2024.”

The pushes for both transparency and to halt the push for mRNA-jabbed beef have hit roadblocks this year. In Missouri, a bill that would have forced labeling of beef injected with mRNA vaccines was stalled in committee.

Missouri HB1169

According to Todd Neeley at DTN:

A bill at the center of a vaccine controversy in the state of Missouri was voted down in a committee of the state’s House of Representatives this week. The Missouri House Committee on Emerging Issues voted 10-4 against HB1169 on Wednesday, effectively ending the bill’s chance for passage in the current session.

Among many other stipulations, the bill would have required all beef derived from Missouri cattle to include labels detailing vaccines cattle received throughout their life. HB1169 also would have applied to commodities produced using GMO corn and soybeans.

Unfortunately, cattle and rancher associations across the nation have ignored concerns from both consumers and producers. Currently, most state rancher associations are either silent on the issue or in favor of advancing Big Pharma’s agenda.

“Our goal at Prepper All Naturals is to give the people healthy, natural, delicious proteins they can eat today or store for decades,” Nelson continued. “We can’t fulfill that promise if the beef has been tainted, so we’re taking every step necessary to keep the jabs away from our cattle.”

Why am I sharing this?  Because I want people to not fear, but be educated that not everyone is going along with the criminal actions of Big Pharma and Big Food.  Support those who are actually supporting you!

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