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Ben Shapiro Goes for the Jugular: Blasts CNN Live for Pro-Hamas Coverage

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Published on: August 7, 2014

It’s become somewhat commonplace in today’s media to blame the nation of Israel for all the problems in the Middle East, especially when it comes to the issues surrounding Hamas and the Palestinians. Sadly, many who are reporting are doing so as if the entire conflict in the Middle East began in their lifetime. Editor-in-chief of Ben Shapiro came on CNN and clashed with Rula Jebreal, foreign policy analyst and author of Miral, over the issue of how Israel has been portrayed in the media compared to Hamas.

Shapiro acknowledged the fact that Israel has taken more of a hit in the media in the past month than Hamas has, due to the slanted reporting of the mainstream, and sadly the alternative media.

“Hamas is a terrorist group and people going in understood Hamas being a terrorist group,” Shapiro said. “Israel thinks outlets like CNN have turned them into the villain in this particular scenario and a moral equivalency has been drawn between the two groups.”

“If Hamas could have come up with a will to kill more Jewish babies and Palestinian babies… CNN is a key factor in drawing the same sort of equivalency that Hamas hopes for in this entire conflict,” he added before being interrupted by the host who was visibly upset that he would dare call out the mighty CNN.

The host said that just because they chose to show women and children who had been wounded did not equate to them saying the Hamas was OK.

Shaprio said that the media did have the right to show those things. However, he then pointed out the bias in their reporting, which is the issue here.

“Of course, you are allowed to show civilians in the cross-fire, but you should also mention all the restrictions Hamas puts on your reporting inside the Gaza Strip,” he retorted. “You should also mention the context with regard to Hamas putting children in harm’s way. You should also routinely mention the fact that Hamas’ charter not only calls for the destruction of the state of Israel, but the murder of Jews across the world, which, of course, CNN does not.”

Whoa! How he talks that fast is beyond me, but he’s right on.

Though the host said that CNN does mention the charter and the things Shapiro said, he did point out that lack of balance to what was reported.

“You mention it occasionally in vast imagery of Israel using what you would term excessive force,” he said.

Shapiro’s opposition, Ms. Jebreal labeled him an extremist because of his views on dealing with the issue and the fact that he called Barack Obama a “Jew hater” and declared him as “anti-Semitic.” That’s really a far cry from calling for the destruction of an entire people group isn’t it? That’s a far cry from calling for the elimination of an entire country, but Islamic supporters are so self deluded, they attempt to equate them.

She wanted to continue to rail against Shapiro, calling him a “fascist” and then turning her sights on Israel for attacking the school in Gaza against the United Nations’ warnings not to do so because civilians were inside. Yet, we know Hamas uses schools, hospitals and other buildings to launch rocket attacks at CNN and the UN…. no, that’s not who they attack, is it? Israel is defending itself against these attacks, but Jebreal is blind to that, and willfully so.

While she did declare that Israel has a right to defend herself, she said that when they take out a Hamas leader, they end up taking out ten civilians. She fails to mention that the people elected Hamas. They chose terrorists to lead them and she fails to recognize the mindset of many civilians like the Palestinian mother I reported on yesterday. I realize not every Palestinian has that mindset, but there are many civilians that do. She then had the audacity to ask, “After killing 2,000 people, is Israel more secure and safe?”

The answer is clear, no they are not because there are still Islamists that are hell bent on their destruction, so until they are eliminated, she will not be secure or safe.

Shapiro with his brilliant analysis then pointed out that the problem is not that the media does not show both sides, but that it makes both sides equal. In other words, Hamas is just as in the right as Israel is and vice versa.

“When you’re showing two sides as equivalent, and your idea of balance is that you show Israel’s side and then you show Hamas’ side and then claim that balance has been achieved, well that’s the sort of media coverage that would have led to the West losing World War II,” he said.

When the CNN host attempted to say that Shapiro was equating Hamas with civilians, he stopped her right there. “The hell I am,” he declared.

He reminded her about his statement earlier regarding the ability to show civilian casualties, but also to provide a context for why there were casualties.

Ms. Jebreal attempted once again to blame Israel for releasing 1,000 Hamas prisoners for one Israeli soldier and then sought to speak about “occupation” and “blockades.”

However, at least at this point, the host spoke up and did speak up and make the very point that Shapiro was making earlier.

“Wouldn’t it just help if Hamas decided to stop trying to wipe Israel off the face of the earth?” she asked. “That is the non-starter. How do you negotiate with them given that.”

Exactly right.

Though Ms. Jebreal attempted to equate the Israel/Palestinian conflict to that of the IRA in Ireland and negotiations there, the IRA didn’t have a charter calling for a country and a people group to be exterminated either.

I would say that Shapiro was right on in pinpointing the problem and it seems that the host actually got the point at the end.

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