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Bernie Asked If He’s Going to Give Up His Private Jets By Texas Woman – Then She Gets Tossed (Video)

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Published on: February 24, 2020

Bernie Sanders is one of the biggest hypocrites in congress.

On Saturday a woman decided to call him out, in San Antonio, and was forcefully removed for doing so.

Off to the Gulag with her.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

“Never trust a socialist with a summer house.” — Colin Quinn

For a socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders is doing pretty darn well. He’s a millionaire, he’s got three houses (including a lakefront home with an acre of frontage), and he loves his private jets.

Oh, but don’t ever — ever — ask Bernie about his 1 Percent status.

On Saturday, a woman tried to do just that — and she got forcibly removed from a campaign event in San Antonio, Texas.

The woman — who was wearing a Trump shirt — shouted repeatedly at Sanders about his jet travel, even as he droned on about climate change (Sanders supports a policy being pushed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the “Green New Deal,” which would cost an estimated $93 trillion over 10 years).

“Are you going to give up your planes? Your jets! You’re a hypocrite! Are you going to give away your jets?” the woman, identified by InfoWars as Martha Doss of activist group Just Another Channel, shouted to Sanders.

Outside of the venue, Doss explained that she wanted to highlight Sanders’ hypocrisy on climate change.

I was just saying if he was going to give away his jets, his planes, if he’s going to give them away, because he’s a hypocrite talking about climate change. He’s such a hypocrite,” she said. “He talks about climate change, I’m wondering if he’s going to give up his jets. How did he get here? He probably got here by a plane.”

When Bernie’s not at one of his three house or in first class, he’s flying in private jets.

“Bernie Sanders spent more on private jet travel in three months than his closest competitors in the Democratic presidential race,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“Federal Election Commission filings that the presidential campaigns submitted on Friday for October through December reveal that the socialist Vermont senator’s campaign spent $1.2 million on private air travel through charter flight companies Advanced Aviation Team and Apollo Jets.”

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Bernie is dangerous.

He’s just another Democrat** that tells his supporters what they want to hear.

Bernie’s supporters are scary because Bernie is scary.

Is this really the type of man that is capable of leading America?

**Oh, and by the way, how is it that an Independent is the front runner for the Democrat nomination?

Democrats are so oblivious to the wants and needs of their own voters that they have to pick a communist for a nominee.

Think about that.

No wonder so many Democrats are jumping ship.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

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