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Bernie Praised Communist Totalitarian Regimes In Past – Supporters Overlook His Communism

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Published on: February 27, 2020

If there was any doubt that politicians are nothing but clowns and jokers, the Democratic Party debates removed it all.  No, the debate was not watched when it aired;  but, YouTube and Brighteon are wonderful tools.  It should be obvious by now that the candidates are whittling down.  Warren can’t hang on.  Klobuchar is barely known.  Biden cannot formulate a coherent thought.  If he did, he forgets it before he can express it.  Steyer is just there.  So, it boils down to the sodomite, the “Daddy – Nanny” and the Communist.

Bernie Sanders, the Communist from Vermont – and yes, he is a Communist – has a history of praising authoritarian, totalitarian, oppressive, violent, murderous dictators leading socialist/Communist regimes.  One can use socialism and Communism interchangeably because socialism leads to Communism.  John Stossel has catalogued the statements of praise Bernie Sanders expressed of various oppressive regimes in the world.  Watch and learn.

Let me say this before the “body slam” begins.  Yes, people can change their opinions and beliefs over time.  However, if Bernie did change his opinions and beliefs, he would not continue to call himself a “Democrat Socialist”, which is code for “Fervent Communist”.

The Bernie rallies are filled with Americans from all walks of life and ages cheering his plan to destroy America by turning the nation into a Communist one through his atrocious policies and massive debt.  If you watch videos of his rallies, these people are reminiscent of the Nazi rallies at Nuremberg where one could describe the attendees as “whirling dervishes”.  That’s a scary sight.  But, let’s get to the point.

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The point is that years ago Americans would not have tolerated any politician, much less a candidate for president, who espoused an ideology that would change our nation so radically.  The desire of some of the American public and the emboldened fringe class of ideologues gained “legitimacy” through the election of an “illegitimate” president who started the change.  It opened the door for the students of Saul Alinsky to bolt to the front of society in order to “demand” a society that oppresses everyone but the privileged party.

Bernie praised Fidel Castro because the murderous sociopath implemented a literacy program gave the people healthcare, and transformed the society.  Really?  Implementing a literacy program, government healthcare, and transforming society is praiseworthy against the backdrop of poverty, legalized theft of others’ property, murder, and jailing of one’s political opposition.  Oh, but the bad should be condemned while the good upheld.  A literacy program does not equal the equation against the pure evil of the Castro regime.

In comparison, one could say that Adolf Hitler deserves praise for bringing Germany out of a stagnant economy, removing the nation from the controlling “world banks”, and implemented an infrastructure program to provide jobs and modernize the country.  NOT!  One cannot praise any part of a regime that engages in evil practices.  It empowers the sociopathic leaders to continue their crimes against the people, sending a message to the world that oppression, totalitarianism and crimes will be tolerated if there is one good thing coming out of the regime.

Did you catch what Bernie said about the Soviet Union when he spent his honeymoon there?  He was impressed with the transportation system, specifically how clean it was.  Housing was mentioned claiming it had strengths, as did the US, saying taking the strengths of both would be good.  Does he really understand anything about housing in the USSR?  Probably not, because it would appall some of his supporters to find out that only the “esteemed” members of the party get prime housing.  The rest of the people get to live in a sardine can located in a high rise building.  None of what he thinks is good about the former USSR and now Russia negates the atrocities committed by the Communist government there against their own people.

It seems his biggest praise is for Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega.  He supported the confiscation of land from landowners (theft of property) because the landowners were “wealthy”.  Ortega lived well while his “subjects” lived in abject poverty.  Bernie has no problem with the theft by Communist government because the government gains tremendous control over the people when it “owns” everything and strictly controls the people.  Party leaders elevate their status through acts of immorality and illegality – stealing land and large, opulent homes for themselves.  Those in the party live well – kind of like how Bernie lives now.

Instead of blaming the abject poverty of the Nicaraguan people on the failures of socialism/Communism, Bernie blames the US,  Incredible!

Bernie called Ortega impressive and attended a celebration of their “revolution” as a result of receiving an invitation.  Wow!  Bernie hobnobbed with the dictatorial, authoritarian, totalitarian elite.  It sounds as though Bernie is a bit “star-struck” by these murderous sociopaths.

While Bernie may not be praising these violent oppressive totalitarian regimes now, he has not rebutted his previous statements and he doesn’t rebuke the violence against citizens, perpetrated by his supporters, holding a differing political view.  Bernie’s ideology is dangerous.  His policies, the foundation of socialism/Communism, tramples and erases the freedom, liberty, and God-given individual unalienable rights of the people.  When one “feels the Bern”, one feels the death of a free country and people.  But, what’s garnering increasing concern is the number of Americans who support him and his atrocious policies that include theft of individual property and plunging an entire nation and society into abject poverty.

Anyone who has any familiarity with socialism/Communism knows the middle class is wiped out.  The only classes left are the wealthy party members and the poor.  Simply put, Bernie gets to keep all his wealth, rob you of yours, and implement punishment against those who voice opposition to the oppressive government.  Did it get mentioned that you would not have firearms?  That goes along with Communism.  It’s like peanut butter and jelly.

Bernie should be barred from seeking the office of presidency based on his ideology of Communism, a form of government anathema to liberty and freedom.

Unfortunately, his supporters are so entranced, like those who supported Hitler, that they cannot see the truth of socialist/Communist government.  If they get it, they’ll wake up quick, yell for help, and then rise up against what they put in place.  They didn’t understand the song written and composed by Joni Mitchell – “Big Yellow Taxi”.  They won’t know how good they have it now until it’s gone.

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