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Bernie Sanders’ America: A New Mini Series Highlights The Vision Of A Socialist President (Video)

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Published on: February 28, 2020

The mask has been removed from Bernie and his “bros” to expose these individuals as rabid communists who pose a clear and present danger to our form of government and way of life.  Despite Bernie’s praise for totalitarian Communist dictators, Bernie supporters behave more like the attendees of a Nuremberg Nazi rally.  For those of us who recognize this anti-constitutional, anti-American Communist from Vermont for what he truly is, we can take what Bernie proclaims at his rallies, and using a clear head, to analyze what this nation would resemble should this man be selected as president.

But, first, there are a few housekeeping issues to attend.  The anti-constitutionalists of this nation hear only “free, free, free, free, free”. Whether it’s healthcare, higher indoctrination (college) and social services, Bernie wants to give away these things as some “benefit” to all.  Couple this with his “right for everyone in the world to live in the USA” open borders policy and one can see where the economic downfall of the US would not take a year to occur.  Moreover, for these people across the great divide to criticize us constitutionalists for supporting a form of government created by “a group of old white men”, it’s obvious they cannot see the forest for the trees since Bernie is “old” by their standards, which would include Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, etc.  The men who declared our independence from the tyrant King George III were in their 30s.

Now, Tucker Carlson, once again, has highlighted the problems with Bernie Sanders’s stance on the issues, which he discussed on his show on Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight.  Carlson is taking Sanders seriously and beginning a series on what he termed “Bernie Sanders’s America”, proposing what America would be should Sanders win the presidential election in 2020.  His first topic for discussion was immigration.

Like many political hacks who clamor for votes in order to retain their cushy seats in Congress, Bernie was against mass immigration until he wasn’t.  In the past, Bernie Sanders was against mass immigration because it lowered wages.  Fast forward to today as he places his bid for the presidency, Bernie supports mass immigration and any deportations whatsoever.  In other words, Sander wants to end 99% of deportations to please the “undocumented” immigrants – read amnesty for illegal alien invaders.  How many criminals would be included in that?  Even if these illegal alien invaders committed another crime besides entering our nation against the law, Bernie would only consider deportation if the crimes were terribly, terribly wrong.

All of this would be done by the “pen and phone” or executive orders telling the agency to stop deportations.  Executive orders, per the Constitution, are to be used to faithfully execute the laws made by Congress in accordance with the Constitution.  If the law is unconstitutional, an executive order can be issued to not enforce the unconstitutional law.  But, as with everything, the power to issue executive orders is grossly abused.  Bernie has vowed to “unilaterally” enact many tenets of the “New Way Forward Act” to prevent criminal illegal alien invaders from being deported, bring deported illegal aliens back to the US, end-all workplace immigration raids as well as other tenets that would lead to the dissolution of ICE and our border patrol.

Watch the “Americans” in the background of the clip Carlson played on-air hoot and holler their approval of forever changing the voting demographic of this nation as well as the destruction of the USA as we know it.  Doesn’t it look familiar?

Colleges and universities will be “free” and open to any Tom, Dick, Harry, and Jane that makes it across the border as well as “free” for citizens.  It’s the same with healthcare.  Listen to what he says.  Honestly, it’s difficult when Bernie calls us “yuman beings” instead of “human beings”.

It’s obvious Sanders could care less about this country and its people.  Carlson even went so far to say he hates the US since that has to be the reason he promotes these policies – total collapse of the systems (health care and education).

Bernie is all for the government of this country to abandon the Constitution and violate the tenets it set forth for government to secure the God-given rights of the people.  Publius Huldah has done a wonderful service to readers by comprising an easy to read and understand chart that outlines the power of government – State and Federal – and it’s purpose.  Securing the borders is the job of the federal government under the Constitution to protect citizens’ God-given right to life.

What would the US be without border enforcement?  It means any and everyone coming here, with or without a means to support themselves or their family, and accessing “free” services as well as programs established for citizens, which would include voting.  Gone would be the freedom and liberty under the Constitution.  It would be a subtle subversion of our government, creating tremendous chaos, that would make this nation ripe for invasion by a hostile force.  And, you, as an American the government has designated a “domestic terrorist”, would be unarmed after the “pen and phone” gun confiscation order.

Along with open borders that would allow a huge continual influx of illegal alien invaders and legal immigrants comes the threat of increased illnesses and diseases, like coronavirus.  It’s already been seen during the illegitimate usurper Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah’s time in the White House with lesser illnesses and diseases as well as continuing in the current administration.  There have been illegal alien invaders admitted to the US who have mumps, measles, tuberculosis, influenza, scabies, other skin conditions, and other contagious illnesses and diseases that may not be readily identifiable or carried by those who have eluded detainment by border patrol.

There would be no screening of any individual entering the US because the individual would “walk right in”.  As Peter Edelstein, MD, pointed out, this is a very dangerous policy.

In the end, it is hard to completely ignore the health risks posed by those whose entry into the country avoids medical examination and treatment.  Whether you sit on the “build the wall” end of the spectrum or the “they’re just seeking a better life” end, accepting that treatable major health risks are freely entering into our general population is an unwise strategy, regardless of your political leaning.

And, naturally, the door would be wide open for the drug cartels and their crimes to openly set up shop in the US using amnesty and no more deportation to keep these criminals out.

Bernie’s proposal does not stem from sound judgment.  And those who support him are certainly not exercising sound judgment by not examining the consequences, particularly the financial aspect of the cost of the “free, free, free, free, free” policies.  It sounds good, but it isn’t.  Its aim is to do one thing – garner enough votes to win the Electoral College, using an unconstitutional election system, to gain the power of the executive office.

Sean Hannity pointed out on his Fox News Hannity show that the Democratic Socialist Communists, formerly the Democratic Party, have done nothing for three years but hate Trump and now are politically “weaponizing” the coronavirus outbreak in order to blame Trump.  Hannity also accused the DSCs of pitting pitiful political punches against Trump in order to score a few political points in their cap.  It’s astounding to recognize how far down this nation has sunk because of the political pandering to attain ultimate power.  Along with all the vitriol comes the accusation against individuals in the current administration of “not believing the science”.

One has to laugh at that accusation since the DSC and it’s supporters deny the science of gender, deny that women are carrying babies in the womb instead of their “clump of cells” nonsense, deny the science disproving anthropogenic (man-made) climate change, and deny that carbon dioxide (CO2) is a beneficial gas instead of a greenhouse gas, and support the theory of catastrophic climate change based upon junk science and faulty computer models.

To put it bluntly, the political system in the US has become so dysfunctional there is no way in civilized action to correct it.  And, the dysfunction is referring to the two unconstitutional party system and unconstitutional election system, not our form of government created by the Constitution.  My Dad would describe is as being similar to the reeducation of the Nazi supporters in Germany after World War II – he was stationed at Spangdhalem Air Force Base in Germany during the Korean War.  Yes, we are talking about the severity of brainwashing that has taken place – some of it has been self-inflicted when it comes to the politicians.  The brainwashing that has led to our dysfunctional political system comes in the form of who “deserves” the power to govern.  The anti-constitutionalist DSCs have convinced themselves that all others except them are incapable of governing.  They have convinced themselves completely that people cannot self-govern and need elite people to help them.

There is a downside for these power-hungry political elitists – they still need the vote of the people to retain their political office.  And, they need a fresh influx of morons who can’t think for themselves to come in the country and vote (open borders), citizen or not.

It’s unfortunate that so many Americans are soft-minded with their brain being in someone else’s head that they are unable to see what is happening – how the politicians are using the public for their own gain without caring one wit about this country or its people.  If they don’t wake up, it could spell disaster;  a disaster that will take generations to remedy.

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