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Biden: A Figurehead Proxy for His VP

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Published on: March 13, 2020

It’s no secret that Democratic National Convention (DNC) and the NWO globalists within our government do not want Bernie Sanders to become the Democrat nominee for president. The same thing happened in the 2016 primary elections when they cheated Sanders out of the nomination to make way for their chosen candidate Hillary Clinton. As it turned out the DNC, Clinton, Obama, and the DHS were a united front to get Sanders out of the race.

In today’s 2020 Democratic primary contest, the same thing is happening.

Sanders began the primaries as the one to beat being ahead in most polls, tying Buttigieg in the Iowa Caucasus, winning Vermont, with narrow losses elsewhere.

While Sanders’ praise of Communist Regimes like Castro’s Cuba, Communist China, etc did not help him gain support of voters, it really didn’t hurt his cause either.

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The only reason that did was his honesty about what he stands for, and the establishment simply cannot have that.

If you listened to the plans from the Democrat candidates from the beginning, you realize they all have the same policy for the country, just packaged differently on an individual level.

There is absolutely no difference between Biden’s plan for the nation and that of Sanders, but the Deep State has to get their candidate of choice, which is Biden, on top and winning races.

This was why Michael Bloomberg suddenly entered the primary, not to actually win the nomination, but to upset the balance of the candidates, and it worked.

Before Bloomberg became a candidate, it was really a two-man race between Sanders and Buttigieg with Elizabeth Warren following not too far behind. Joe Biden at this point was not even in contention, trailing far behind the top three.

Everyone knew Biden would win South Carolina, but had little support elsewhere out of the southern states, yet with Bloomberg siphoning votes from the top three contenders, Biden suddenly gained enormous support across the nation.

As usual, there was a lot of pressure to get candidates out of the race, so Biden could start winning elections.

Buttigieg quit March 1, followed by more, after Super Tuesday.

The smoking gun here is Buttigieg was positioned to win many races and so was Warren yet, they dropped out along with Klobuchar and Steyer.

This indicates pressure was being applied to these candidates to quit, this along with bribes and political favors being offered to them as well.

We know Joe Biden is a Deep State candidate, but lacks the mental capacity to focus on being a janitor, much less a president.

Biden’s speeches have been drastically cut down to 7 minutes per rally to prevent as many gaffs as possible.

As we have all seen Biden doesn’t even know what city he is in most of the time.

Biden is clearly suffering from Dementia and or Alzheimer’s affliction and is not able to handle the job of being president.

This brings us to the question of just why the Deep State wants Biden as the nominee.

It really isn’t Biden they want in office, he would only be capable of being a figurehead proxy, it is all in who they want him to choose as his Vice President.

In a Biden Administration, the Vice President will be the actual president of the United States from day one with Biden resigning soon after taking office.

This would open the door for a new VP who would be chosen, not elected.

It is actually a perfect way for the NWO Nazi Socialists to regain power they thought they would never lose since the George W. Bush reign and what they thought they had in the Obama years with rigged elections going into the 2016 presidential primaries.

The Nazi core Socialists will do everything they can to assure President Trump does not get reelected.

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