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Biden Regime & Their Willful Destruction Of The Country

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Published on: June 13, 2022

Joe Biden is an unbelievable president, unbelievable that he could be doing such a lousy job and screwing the country over with every action he takes. Unbelievable that he is in office in the first place given the fact that he had hardly any support during the 2020 primaries and general elections.

Almost everyone is comparing Biden to Jimmy Carter as a bumbling idiot with no idea of how to run a country. Nothing could be further from the truth however when you consider that Carter made many mistakes because he wasn’t up to the job of being president while Biden isn’t capable of rationally putting two sentences together. To be clear, Biden isn’t running or in charge of anything, the individuals behind the scenes are making all of the decisions and are using both Biden and Harris as proxies, thus what we have is a faux president and VP.

Biden and Harris did not get to where they are now via a fair election either since neither one of them had any support during the 2020 elections process. Biden only had a handful of people show up at his campaign rallies when he actually had one, having done very few public appearances at all. Harris on the other hand was so unpopular that she had to drop out of the primaries early, due to a lack of support.

Nancy Pelosi publicly gave away the Socialist plan to rig the election when she stated that Donald Trump won’t be president next year “one way or another.” With her statement, many thought she was referring to impeachment, but she was talking about rigging the elections if all else failed.

It would be impossible for even the biggest imbecile to screw up the country as bad as the Biden regime has, unless it was done on purpose which is what is really going on here.

Every problem we face as a nation today is a direct result of actions the Biden regime has made. The US has record inflation it hasn’t experienced since 1981.

The Biden regime can try to blame Putin’s invasion of Ukraine all they want, but the problems began way before that beginning on the first day Biden took office. Since then, we have had a massive backup of cargo ships waiting to be unloaded, mainly on the west coast. The Biden regime blamed this on supply chain issues when in fact, it was the regime’s covid restrictions that prevented them from being unloaded.

The Biden regime immediately caused the massive rise in fuel prices by shutting down the fossil fuel industry in the US. They can have Biden boast that numerous oil and gas leases have been given out to oil companies since they took office, but the fact remains these leases mean nothing since there are so many EPA restrictions involving drilling and production that it makes it virtually impossible for oil companies to use them.

For the most part, shutting down the oil industry in the US and making us rely on foreign fossil fuel, prices of petroleum products have skyrocketed. The US went from being the number 1 producer of oil and gas in the world during the Trump Administration to being fully reliant on foreign oil.

We have shortages of baby formula in the US. This is also the fault of the Biden regime in the fact that they had the FDA shut down the largest baby formula manufacturer in the US and took months before allowing it to reopen.

The US is expected to have massive shortages of food very soon. This is also a manufactured crisis by the Biden regime since the beginning of this year we have had 19 food processing plants burned down, many shut down by the FDA, all this and not to mention all the plants shutdowns before this year were due to covid restrictions.

We can see the pattern of willful destruction of the US economy by the current regime. As well as spending trillions of dollars that we do not have which drastically adds to the destruction of the US economy.

This Socialist regime has done more harm to the US in less than 2 years than anything we have faced in the past. There is no way we as a nation can make it through another 2 years governed by a regime that wants to destroy the country.

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