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Biden Should Be Charged With Treason Before He Even Takes An Oath For His Attack On The Second Amendment

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Published on: January 16, 2021

OK, look, I know there are many good Americans who support the Nationa Rifle Association.  I did too, at one time but I’ve seen the corruption in that organization and the way they have compromised our liberties while telling us they are standing up for them.  Still, Joe Biden claims that he will “beat the NRA” and subsequently go after people’s guns, which are constitutionally protected and which he will take an oath to protect.  Liar!

The Epoch Times reports:

President-elect Joe Biden on Jan. 8 promised to “defeat” the National Rifle Association while he’s in office.

Biden’s official Twitter account was responding to former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.), who was among 14 people wounded in a shooting rampage by Jared Lee Loughner in Tucson in 2011; six people died in the attack. Giffords had recounted how her life and community “changed forever.”

“But the attack did not break me—or the people I represented in Congress. We came together, turned pain into purpose, and found hope in each other,” she wrote, adding that she continues to work to “achieve a safer America.”

Biden responded, saying: “Your perseverance and immeasurable courage continue to inspire me and millions of others. I pledge to continue to work with you—and with survivors, families, and advocates across the country—to defeat the NRA and end our epidemic of gun violence.”

The NRA, which has more than 5 million members, seeks to protect and educate people about their Second Amendment rights.

While the association didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on Biden’s post, its lobbying arm recently published an article that says Biden would “begin a concerted attack on the rights of American gun owners” after being inaugurated.

“We must be ready for the onslaught,” the post reads, adding that a Biden administration, if officials get their way, “will ban and confiscate the most-commonly-owned rifle in the United States” and “will arbitrarily limit the number of guns that can be bought per month,” among other measures.

Well, there are plenty more Second Amendment groups than the NRA, which I’m thankful for since they should be keeping each other in check.  The American Firearms Coalition is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive, staunch, no compromise Second Amendment groups in the US.  Others such as Gun Owners of America are also battling on behalf of gun owners.

However, while Biden thinks he is just going to attack one of the oldest organizations in our country and think that will be the end of it, he is sorely mistaken.

Biden has not figured in the Gun Lobby that not only supports the NRA, but other Second Amendment groups as well.

Guns in the News posted:

I guess he figures that’s a good place to start with his reunification campaign, since everyone in the country is in agreement that the NRA is bad… Well, at least everyone other than the Association’s 5 million, dues-paying members and the other 30 million or so gun owners who strongly support the NRA, along with the 75 million or more other American gun owners and patriots who basically agree with most of what the NRA does. Even those of us who are very critical of some of NRA’s leaders, are still strongly supportive of the organization itself and its goals. In fact, our complaints primarily revolve around some NRA leaders using the organization to pad their own pockets, and a general failure to stand by the core principles of the Second Amendment.

Mr. Biden doesn’t seem to understand that, unlike the groups like Giffords’ and Mike Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, the NRA’s power and influence comes from its members and supporters, not their money and personal relationships with politicians. This confusion on Biden’s part can be excused, to a degree, as the lamestream media and the NRA itself, are often guilty of overstating the Association’s significance.

In their reply to Biden’s declaration, the NRA said; “He knows the only thing standing in his way to DISMANTLE THE 2ND AMENDMENT is NRA.”

That’s pure hogwash. What’s standing between Joe Biden and the dismantling of the Second Amendment is over 100 million responsible gun owners and other Constitution-loving Americans. As the largest rights organization in the battle, the NRA certainly plays a role, but suggesting that they are the only opposition, is utter nonsense.

As I’ve said many times, the NRA is not the “gun lobby.” You are the “gun lobby.” The NRA is a tool, employed by the “gun lobby,” but they are not the “gun lobby” itself. That title belongs to every gun owner and lover of liberty who supports individual firearm rights and opposes infringement of those rights.

Now more than ever, it’s up to all gun owners to step up and take their rightful place as members of the gun lobby. It’s up to you, to contact your senators and representative, to let them know that you strongly oppose enactment of additional restrictions, bans, or taxes on firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition. Whether your elected servants are solid Second Amendment supporters or rabid gun prohibitionists, contact them and politely, but firmly let them know that you oppose these measures and want them to oppose them as well. Every little bit of pressure matters, and even the most stalwart anti-rights politicians have occasionally been known to see the light, once they begin to feel the heat, so light a fire under them.

As I’ve said many times, the people are the solution, not politicians.  When are the people going to realize that and bring treasonous men like Joe Biden to swift justice?

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